Which Is Better Liposuction or Coolsculpting?

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When it comes to toning your body and targeting stubborn pockets of the fat, modern cosmetic surgery presents a range of options. There are non-surgical, fat freezing solutions such as Coolsculpting, and the very popular minimally invasive process of liposuction.

But which do you choose? If you are looking to combat annoying fat that is unresponsive to exercise and diet, treatment with Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne provides a range of options. Let’s dive into your choices.

What Does the Coolsculpting Option Offer?

The process of Coolsculpting is non-invasive and perfect for stubborn bulges, double chins, and love handles. It is known as ‘fat freezing’ which uses cold treatment to target any areas of unwanted fat, sculpting the body to the look you desire.

Appropriate for those who have experienced weight loss, it is essential to note that results are not instant. You will see the desired changes in four to six weeks, and around 20-25% of the area you are treating will have affected and reduced fat cells.

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The fat-freezing technique known as Coolsculpting can offer significant results with minimal downtime.

Which Areas Will Coolsculpting Target and How Much Does It Cost?

Coolsculpting requires no downtime or anaesthetic during treatment and is appropriate for any stubborn pockets of fat, including:

We make payment easy at Chelsea Cosmetics with a range of saving options, and our Coolsculpting treatment will start as low as $34 per week or $850 per cycle. We work with you to ensure your procedure works with your budget, and you are comfortable with everything the process requires.

What Does the Liposuction Option Offer?

You have likely heard of liposuction, which is a popular procedure for targeting areas of fat that seem to be resistant to healthy lifestyle changes. This procedure should be looked at as a way to support healthy weight loss. It assists the body by reducing fat content in specific areas.

Liposuction means downtime of roughly one to two weeks, and you will be unable to drive yourself home, requiring a family member or friend to assist after surgery.

Liposuction, like Coolsculpting, can help to target areas of stubborn fat and should not be relied on as a weight loss technique. The reason many opt for liposuction is the realisation of faster results when compared to non-invasive methods.

The most common areas targeted by the liposuction technique include:

Prices for liposuction vary based on how much is required for your situation. View our costs for liposuction here. You will be provided with an exact, no-obligation quote for your liposuction procedure after our team has evaluated your situation at a free consultation.

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Liposuction will offer faster results but does require more downtime when compared with Coolsculpting.

Which Option Is Right for You?

When choosing between liposuction and the non-surgical option of Coolsculpting, neither is “better” as a whole, it’s more a question of which is better for your unique situation. This is why we offer a consultation as the first step. Our experienced team of cosmetic specialists will take into account your lifestyle and how that will work with the associated recovery time while giving you information to help with your decision.

Your cosmetic journey should never be taken alone, and our friendly staff are on-hand to ensure that you make the right choices and achieve your goals. Speak to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne today to understand how our safe and effective new technology will help you to look great while feeling more confident every day.


Disclaimer: Losing weight through natural methods and regular exercise offers more health benefits compared to liposuction. We strongly encourage patients to pursue their goals using natural and healthy approaches before contemplating liposuction. It’s important to note that liposuction is not a method for weight loss; while it may result in a reduction in dress or pants sizes, the scale may not reflect a significant difference.

Also, before deciding on any treatment, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your practitioner about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.