Things to Know Before Going for Dermal Fillers

Face Care

Dermal fillers are considered to be a great leap forward in the world of cosmetic procedures. It has completely radicalized the cosmetic dermatology field. Dermal fillers are FDA approved and are widely used in wrinkle management. Dermal fillers also are effectively used for alleviating numerous other aesthetic or non-aesthetic issues. It is critical for the dermatologists to follow safe practices and ensure best results. If you are thinking of getting dermal fillers in Melbourne, you must start by knowing certain vital facts.

Know the Way Your Skin Ages

It is important for you to know exactly how your skin begins to age. Ageing is supposed to be a generalized phenomenon. However, the ageing process is not uniform all over your face. It is to be understood that the face’s subcutaneous fat is actually compartmentalized and not just a single unit or a uniform layer. Each compartment is known to age at different times and at entirely different pace. Correction of the face, therefore, necessitates correction of each and every compartment separately.

Know All about the Fillers

Today, you have access to a huge variety of fillers everywhere in the world. It, therefore, becomes necessary to know more about these dermal fillers in Chelsea Cosmetics including their particles per mg, chief constituents, cross-linking, biphasic nature or monophasic nature, if any additives such as lignocaine are present and also, the shelf life of the fillers once the pack is opened.

Know As Much As You Can about the Technique

There are diverse ways of injecting the fillers. The most popular and frequently used method is called the Linear Threading Method, which could either be antegrade or retrograde. Linear Threading Method is recommended by experts for the beginners to avoid complications. Avoid other methods such as fern or depot that are often associated with lumps whenever administered inappropriately.

Know Ways to Learn More about Fillers

Doctors should possess wide experience and sound working knowledge about the fillers, their administration and the risks involved. Theoretical knowledge could be attained through invaluable textbooks and journals or browsing through the various sites on the Internet. Doctors must have adequate experience and practical knowledge through various hands-on workshops and through working with senior and more experienced doctors. Doctors should practice fillers only under the strict supervision of a fully-trained doctor. Doctors should keep in mind that they should seek assistance and advice from seniors on matters that are beyond their own expertise.

Know the Filler’s Approval Status

Fillers are regarded as an effective medical device. They go through various quality checks that are conducted by diverse approval bodies. These approvals go a long way in asserting the safety and authenticity of the dermal fillers. Product marketing also becomes relatively easier if the fillers get the appropriate certifications.

Dermal fillers could be pretty expensive. But that does not give you a reason to opt for substandard materials that have no safety assurance or approval status. Dermatologists should make it a point to stay away from using low-quality products.

Once you have acquired enough knowledge about the dermal fillers in and you have identified an experienced and fully-qualified doctor, you could go ahead with dermal fillers to enhance your overall looks and boost your self-esteem.


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.