Tear Trough Treatment And Under Eye Fillers in Melbourne

A non-surgical treatment for tear trough to correct the loss of volume.

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Tear Trough Treatment and Under Eye Fillers

Tear trough is a common cosmetic problem and a part of the ageing process in the upper part of the face of both men and women. Tear trough filler corrects the gradual process of developing a sunken area under the lower eyelid with a degree of darkness to the colour of the skin.

Tear trough is caused by a loss of volume in the orbital area, widening of the orbital margin (bone socket of the eyes), cheek prolapsed and traction of the ligaments attached to the orbital margin and the skin causing the indentation under the lower eyelid.

The darker skin colour under the eyelid is due to either light reflection on the depressed part of the lower lid, skin hyperpigmentation or exposure of the darker deeper structures under the thinned lower eyelid skin.

The Benefits of Tear Trough Filler

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offers a non-surgical treatment for tear trough to correct the loss of volume by injecting dermal filler over the orbital margin.

This can be done by using a thin needle or a cannula which is a blunt needle to achieve the best cosmetic effect. The procedure is done under topical anaesthesia to minimise discomfort during injection.

For more extreme cases a fat, fat cells injection or surgical correction and redistribution of eye bags can be considered.

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Tear Troughs and Eye Bags

The indents that sit between the lower eyelid and your cheeks can be affected by the ageing process. The hollow at the junction between the lower eyelid and cheek can also be a genetic situation noticeable in the early twenties.

Many people are also concerned by eye bags in the lower eyelid area which give a tired and bulged look, which are often fat or fluid filled. The eye to cheek area can be affected by ageing, and dermal fillers can help to smooth the space between the lower eyelid and the cheek. This works to make tear troughs or eye bags less noticeable.

The Non-Surgical Treatment Option

Eye bags and tear troughs can be treated with a non-surgical injection of a temporary dermal filler. By injecting dermal filler under the hollow connecting the lower eyelid and cheek, the appearance of the area will become much smoother. Dermal fillers can last for many years when injected into this area of the face.

To combat the look of eye bags, dermal fillers can replace volume in the mid-cheek area, reducing the appearance of eye bags. Eye bags and tear troughs can both be treated by filling the mid-cheek along with the tear trough directly.

Types of Dermal Fillers Used For Tear Troughs

In most cases, tear trough fillers are made of a substance called hyaluronic acid. This material is composed of sugar that forms a gel consistency and is naturally found in the skin, offering a lower risk to the procedure and more natural aesthetic.

The main advantage of this substance is reversibility. By injecting another material called hyaluronidase into the area the original filler can be dissolved. This does not affect your natural skin or tissues, only the dermal filler.

Hyaluronic acid fillers naturally attract water which can cause difficulties when determining the amount of filler that needs to be injected into the tear troughs. The team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne  are very experienced in this procedure, so you can be assured that you will be assessed for the correct amount beforehand. An underselling of the area helps to estimate the amount of hydration that may occur.

There are specific dermal fillers made explicitly for the tear trough area that will blend well and are less likely to cause puffiness post-treatment.

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The team of practitioners at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are on hand to answer any questions you may have if you are considering this procedure, and we will assess if tear trough fillers are right for your specific condition.

We are well experienced and take all necessary precautions before administering tear trough fillers to ensure we minimise any risks and keep you well informed. Our team and clinical staff are constantly trained and updated on the latest procedures and technology to ensure that you are looked after and receive all of the support that you need.

We strongly recommend speaking to us in the early stages of your information gathering process for any procedure so we can work with you to determine the best course of action for your situation and goals. If you are considering tear trough fillers, please give our team a call on (03) 8822 3472 and let us assist you straight away.

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