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Precision fat removal with relatively less scarring and a faster recovery time than regular liposuction.

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Losing weight through natural methods and regular exercise offers more health benefits compared to liposuction. We strongly encourage patients to pursue their goals using natural and healthy approaches before contemplating liposuction. It's important to note that liposuction is not a method for weight loss; while it may result in a reduction in dress or pants sizes, the scale may not reflect a significant difference.

Slim Lipo is an innovative method for eliminating fat that delivers outstanding results. The Slim Liposuction provides a relatively faster and shorter recovery time for patients than traditional liposuction methods.

Also known as Slim Lipolysis Surgery, it is a laser-based system of liposuction that employs laser technology. It dissolves fat and firms up skin in targeted areas of the body. If you are thinking about liposuction in Melbourne, then contact us to find out more about the Slim Lipo alternative.

Before deciding on cosmetic surgery, it's important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the surgery and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.

Slim Liposuction Vs Traditional Liposuction

Slim Lipo is unlike traditional liposuction, which uses a suction tube (cannula) moved back and forth to break up and remove fat cells. Slim liposuction employs a laser to liquefy excess fat cells before they are expelled through an even smaller micro-sized tube. 

The smaller tube means reduced incision holes for the patient, meaning they are usually able to recover much quicker than traditional liposuction. Slim Lipo has dual laser wavelength. One wavelength targets fat, specifically using a headlight pattern to optimise fat melting in a targeted area. The other wavelength targets the skin, making it an excellent form of treatment to address excessive fat and loose skin. 

What Type of Anaesthetic is Used?

We use a specialised local anaesthetic called Tumescent anaesthesia. The advantage is that it numbs the immediate area, while at the same time, shrinks the blood vessels. This minimises discomfort during the surgery and any chance of bleeding after the liposuction procedure too.

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Before deciding on cosmetic surgery, it's important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the surgery and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.

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Advantages of Slim Liposuction

Slim liposuction, due to the smaller tube, can be performed on a wider range of body areas. It gives the practitioner greater control and offers more options for patients. Other advantages include:

Improved Skin Tightening For Long-Lasting Results

Slim Lipo is one of the best methods to achieve good skin retraction for people with loose skin after weight loss or giving birth. Slim Lipo uses a laser wavelength that selectively targets the collagen-producing cells in the skin dermis. As a result, the skin fibres shrink over about six months. Full skin retraction is usually achieved nine months after the procedure.

Reduced Recovery Time Without Sacrificing Results

The downtime for Slim Lipo fat removal surgery is usually between 3-4 days. This is compared to the conventional liposuction method, which is generally about 3-4 weeks of discomfort and bruising. After slim lipo, some patients can return to work within two days post-procedure. 

Local Anaesthetic 

Unlike general anaesthesia, where you are unconscious, slim lipo is performed under local anaesthesia. A small body area is numbed, and you remain fully conscious during the procedure, and you can return home on the same day.

Less Impact on the Body

Conventional lipo pushes the cannula firmly into the body back and forth. It can damage nearby essential structures such as muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. With Slim Lipo, the probe is much smaller and is pushed gently into the fat layer only. While a laser dissolves the unwanted fat before removal, with less impact on the body overall.

Target Specific Areas

Due to the precision capabilities of the laser technology, a targeted approach can be applied to specific areas. Slim liposuction can help eliminate hard-to-remove fat cells.

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Areas Addressed With Slim Laser Lipo

Sometimes no matter how much we exercise or how well we eat, there are parts of our body that won't change. With Slim Lipo, we can remove a large fat volume from specific areas of the body. Common target areas include the abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks, buttocks, arms, neck and chin.

What To Consider

  • Any type of liposuction is recommended only for patients who fully understand the treatment and the risks of the procedure
  • Suitable for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have neuromuscular disease, Bell's palsy, or any active skin disease.
  • Valid for ages 18 and over
  • Not recommended if you are allergic or sensitive to biomaterials
  • Results will vary for each person.
  • If you have severe ptosis or a great deal of excess skin, consult your doctor first.
  • Timing of procedure to be agreed upon between patient and practitioner
  • Cost for a Slim Lipo procedure are based on your body mass index (BMI), and the number of treatment areas.

Possible Complications

Complications can occur with any procedure, which can be minor. Some include localised discomfort and upset bodily functions to more extreme threats such as infection.

Some of the more common complications include:

  • Temporary bruising
  • Seroma
  • Allergic reactions to drugs
  • Irregularities of the skin
  • Unevenness and hematomas

Less common, more serious side effects include:

  • Necrotising fasciitis
  • Infection

Chelsea Cosmetics has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with cosmetic procedures. If you have any questions or concerns about the risks involved, please get in touch with our team. We can book a no-obligation consultation with a qualified practitioner, who will answer any questions honestly for you.

What Can Liposuction Do For You?

Though it is still a surgical procedure and thus carries some risks, Slim Lipo offers a less impactful option than traditional methods.

If you are looking for a Slim Lipo clinic in Melbourne, then simply contact us. Our team is passionate about helping you find the right treatment options to suit your needs.

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Before deciding on cosmetic surgery, it's important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the surgery and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.

*All cosmetic surgery is invasive and carries risk
**Individual results vary as the outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect the outcomes that other people may experience. This is due to many factors, including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise to name a few.

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