Are you looking for a reputed and reliable skin clinic Eltham? Look no further. You have come to the best skin clinic in town. We at Chelsea understand the beauty aspirations of each one of you. We appreciate the fact that everyone has an inherent desire to look good. Chelsea Cosmetics has been constantly delivering flawless beauty to all its clients. It is the acknowledged beauty destination with several branches across Australia. Thanks to the highest levels of customer service and premium products we have made a niche for ourselves in the aesthetic world and we are definitely the first choice of the chic and sophisticated clientele.

At Chelsea, the most trusted skin clinic Eltham, our experienced aestheticians realize the need for treating every skin as unique and so they design suitable services for you to be completely pampered with. The Chelsea touch has been really successful in enhancing and transforming the lives of countless women nationwide. So what really is stopping you from paying us a visit and discussing your skin issues? Our skincare services leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking radiant and forever young.

Our team of experts has the best training and wide experience and we follow complete medical protocols. We are the experts in skin care services including laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle treatments, acne treatments, mole removal treatments etc. Our national network of skin clinics includes places such as Melbourne, Doncaster, Donvale, Eltham, Templestowe, Bulleen, Balwyn etc. We offer cutting-edge treatments in state-of-the-art facilities. We offer highly clinical environment. We are very strictly in line with medical protocols for ensuring optimum efficacy and maximum safety.

Unsightly Scars

At Chelsea  Cosmetics, we use advanced strategies to lighten your scars and fade the scars to the extent possible. Our trained practitioners would be offering personalized treatments according to the nature of the scar. You could go for skin grafting to get rid of your unsightly scars. Contact us now. We completely transform the look of your existing scars. Apart from effective chemical peels, or microdermabrasion, we at Chelsea offer highly specialised and powerful lasers. Our treatments are effective and safe for all kinds of skin.

Skin Cancer Examination

Our expert team is completely equipped for detecting skin cancer or any other kinds of abnormalities. The standard methodology would be involving examining your skin for any kind of growths or unusual swellings, and if there have been any alterations in colour, shape or even size of spots, bleeding or even scaling.

Mole Removal

You must keep an eye on your moles for any abnormalities to rule out skin cancer indications. We offer highly effective mole removal treatments at Chelsea Cosmetics, the best skin clinic Eltham.

Pigmentation Reduction

We offer a host of modalities for effective pigmentation treatment that range from chemical peels and excisional biopsies to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and also, Microdermabrasion Electro Surgery.

Undesirable Hair

Hair removal is made really easy thanks to a diathermy approach that effectively converts any high-frequency wave or pulse into heat, completely destroying hair roots. The painless electrolysis and the revolutionary Palomar IPL Technology are often used to get rid of unwanted hair effectively.

Dr Mark Attalla, the founder and currently the director of Chelsea Cosmetics is a highly reputed cosmetic surgeon in his own right. He is totally devoted to his patients. His mission in life is to provide premium cosmetic care services at most reasonable prices. Be sure to get the best possible cosmetic cure at Chelsea, thanks to the highly specialised and experienced team of surgeons and professionals.