Chelsea Cosmetics is the premier skin clinic Doncaster, and offers a host of aesthetic treatments for customers of all skin types and all ages. We believe in results and strive to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We have made a name for ourselves in the business thanks to our expert staff, advanced techniques and technology, and a hygienic, professional environment.

We offer several services like laser hair removal, injectable and cosmetic fillers, skin tightening, laser rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, dermal stamping, skin peels, acne management, dermal fillers Melbourne and much, much more.

Check-ups for Skin Cancer

Our trained workforce is fully equipped and capable of detecting skin cancer or any abnormalities, so you should feel free to approach us if you ever suspect something. The standard methodology involves checking your skin for any growths or abnormal swellings, and any changes in colour, shape or size of spots, scaling or bleeding. The next step is a check for enlarged proximate lymph nodes. If the doctor deems it necessary, you may have to take a few focused tests to form a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma. Another advanced diagnostic technique we have adopted is a dermatoscopy, using a special microscope and lens to highly magnify and study a suspicious spot, and record an image if needed.

Mole Removal

Many of us are born with moles, and over time, sunlight and other factors could influence their appearance. Other moles do occur from time to time, and can be avoided using a good sunscreen. It is very important that you keep tabs on the appearance of your moles, and you can come to us to check any probable anomalies for early indications of skin cancer. As the best and most reputed skin clinic Doncaster East, we use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to diagnose and cure any possible skin issues.

Pigmentation Reduction

At Chelsea Cosmetics, we offer a number of modalities for pigmentation treatment, ranging from chemical peels and excisional biopsies to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Microdermabrasion Electro Surgery.

Undesirable Hair

We follow a diathermy approach which converts a high-frequency wave or pulse into heat, and can destroy hair roots. These pulses are administered by a needle in short bursts of 3 seconds or less. Electrolysis is almost completely painless, except for a very mild sting which some patients may feel. If you visit the best skin clinic in Doncaster, Chelsea Cosmetics, you get to witness the revolutionary Palomar IPL Technology at work.

Unsightly Scars

Scars can never be wiped completely, no matter how advanced the technique. However, at Chelsea Cosmetics, we undertake a number of modern methods to change the appearance of the scars, lighten them and decrease their size as far as possible. We have plenty of personalized treatments depending on the nature of your scar. You could opt for skin grafts. Note that for surgical scars, you would need to wait at least a year before treating them because they often fade with time.

Dr Mark Attalla is a renowned cosmetic surgeon, dedicated to your physical and mental well-being. He is the founder and director at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, the very best skin clinic Doncaster East, and with his team of expert surgeons and professionals, strives to bring you the cosmetic cures you deserve.