Chelsea Cosmetics is dedicated to offering the most effective and advanced solutions in cosmetic treatments and skin care. The founder and director Dr. Mark Attalla is renowned as an expert cosmetic surgeon. He is held in high esteem for his innovative skin treatments and cosmetic cures. His dedication toward best practices and ongoing research has truly solidified his reputation as a highly skilled and experienced skin care professional. Chelsea Cosmetics is regarded as the best skin clinic Bulleen.

We at Chelsea are known to offer cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities for restoring, as well as, maintaining the beauty and health of your skin. We are striving relentlessly to be the authority in the latest cosmetic cure and skin care methods. We indulge in extensive research in order to make sure that the treatments we offer are the most current, safest and most effective. Our cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified and have extensive experience. Our doctors are known to offer evidence-based advice and they would be guiding you every step of the way. Chelsea Cosmetics is certainly the most renowned skin clinic Bulleen.

Chelsea Cosmetics is highly acclaimed for offering a broad range of skin care services. You are certainly aware of the fact that Australia seems to have the highest incidence of skin cancer worldwide. The most effective way of enhancing the outcome of serious skin cancer cases including melanoma is early detection. You are advised to go for a complete skin check with your doctor for evaluating and examining your risk and developing an effective ongoing surveillance program.

Whenever you observe any abnormal outgrowths, you should seek professional assessment and advice. Come to Chelsea Cosmetics, the most trusted name in the world of skin care and cosmetic cure. Get yourself completely assessed and do the necessary tests. Our experienced doctors would be advising you on the exact line of treatment only after thorough scrutiny of your present record and medical history.

We provide effective pigmentation treatments for eliminating skin pigments and restoring your radiant and glowing skin. Some of the proven pigmentation treatments offered here are IPL (Intense Pulse Light) devices, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and excisional biopsy. Moreover, you could easily remove undesirable hair with the process of electrolysis. At Chelsea Cosmetic & Day Surgery, we offer the cutting-edge Palomar IPL technology that is implemented removing excessive hair effectively.

We also offer diathermy for destroying the hair right from its roots. Our highly skilled team of doctors help in the reduction of unsightly scars. Your scar could be diminished in size and faded to a great extent with most advanced technology. Skin grafting could be a suitable course of action if you are desperate about getting rid of any stubborn scar.

We offer diverse effective anti-wrinkle treatments to restore your lost youthfulness. You could get in touch with us for all kinds of skin care and cosmetic solutions including cosmetic tattoo, chemical peels, collagen induction, O-Shot and microdermabrasion among many others.