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Here at Chelsea Cosmetics, we appreciate and respect the need for privacy and discretion. We offer truly individualized treatments aiming to restore a youthful appearance and enhance natural features. We use cutting-edge technologies and are abreast with the current techniques. We deliver top quality skincare solutions and cosmetic cures at affordable prices. We are acknowledged as the leading skin clinic Baldwyn because we offer excellence, as well as, innovation.

The founder and director Dr. Mark Attalla is a widely experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon who acknowledges the uniqueness of every client. Chelsea Cosmetics has made a niche for itself in the world of cosmetic cures thanks to the brilliant services of our team of dedicated professionals who believe in service and absolutely no compromise in quality.

Comprehensive Services

We at Chelsea offer a wide array of skin care services along with premium anti-wrinkle treatments. Our skin care services include skin cancer assessment, mole removal, pigmentation reduction, removal of unsightly scars, removal of unwanted hair, etc. We offer effective body contouring and efficient cosmetic surgical services such as liposuction, cool sculpting, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, neck lift etc.

Our fully certified and experienced team of cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists always keep themselves abreast with the latest. Their aim is to stay current so that they could offer the very best to the patients. Besides offering the most effective anti-wrinkle treatment, we offer exceptional eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, dermal fillers Melbourne etc. You could also, avail exceptional cosmetic tattooing, collagen induction, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, O-Shot etc. We offer unmatched services and are way ahead of the competition, as far as; skin care and cosmetic surgeries go. Chelsea Cosmetics has several branches nationwide. Chelsea Cosmetics is known for numerous successful cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

We help our clients with early detection, diagnosis, as well as, treatment. Get yourself fully examined and perform all the advised tests to rule out skin cancer. In case, you are detected with skin cancer, our team of experts would be guiding you every step of the way. A precise line of treatment would be pointed out to you after examining thoroughly your present and past medical record.

We offer effective pigmentation treatments such as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) devices, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and excisional biopsy. We help you get rid of unwanted hair through the painless process of electrolysis. At Chelsea Cosmetic & Day Surgery, our team extends cutting-edge Palomar IPL technology for getting rid of excessive hair. We offer diathermy. Come to Chelsea for fading out unsightly scars. You could consider skin grafting for eliminating any sort of stubborn scars. Chelsea Cosmetics is your skin care and beauty destination.