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Liquid Rhinoplasty (Non-Surgical Nose Job) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Liquid Nose Job) in Melbourne, Australia

Many people want their nose to have a fine, sharp tip and a flawless bridge. Since nose characteristics like these provide an attractive frontal view and a pleasing profile, it is easy to see the appeal. The good news is that today, people who are not born with the nose characteristics they desire can have a procedure to modify it. At Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, an experienced nurse injector will modify a patient’s nose characteristics with a non-surgical rhinoplasty (aka a nose filler procedure, a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure, a liquid rhinoplasty or a filler rhinoplasty) in Melbourne, Australia.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedures in Melbourne, Australia

This nose-modification procedure involves strategically injecting dermal filler just beneath the skin of the nose. Nose filler procedures at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, are office-based, outpatient procedures.

What Can an Injector Nurse Accomplish During a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia?

A nose-filler treatment focuses on improving the shape of the patient’s nose without making extensive changes to its dimensions. With a nose filler procedure at Chelsea Cosmetics, an experienced nurse injector restores lost volume, raises any depressed areas near a hump or a bump, smooths wrinkles and improves the angle of the nasal tip.

At Chelsea Cosmetics, a highly experienced nurse injector uses skill, artistic vision and a knowledge of facial anatomy to strategically inject dermal filler into areas that will provide a patient with the nose characteristics he or she desires.

What Is a Dermal Filler?

The type of dermal filler that injectors typically use for a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia, consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural occurring carbohydrate within the body. Since this is a natural occurring carbohydrate, the likelihood of a patient experiencing an allergic reaction to this aspect of the dermal filler is extremely low. Nonetheless, most manufacturers add lidocaine to their dermal fillers. The lidocaine numbs the treatment areas, which helps the patient remain comfortable throughout his or her dermal filler procedure. Dental professionals frequently use lidocaine.

Who Should Consider a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia?

A nose filler procedure may be ideal for men and women who would like to modify their nose, without having surgery.

An individual who is considering a surgical rhinoplasty may find that having a non-surgical rhinoplasty beforehand is helpful when he or she is making the final decision about nose surgery.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) 2020 Global Survey, the surgical rhinoplasty procedure ranks as the number 4 most popular plastic surgery procedure, worldwide. However, despite the popularity of the surgical rhinoplasty, some people are not ready to commit to surgery. Nonetheless, these people may still want to modify certain aspects of their nose. These are the individuals who may be good candidates for a nose filler procedure in Melbourne, Australia.

During a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure, an experienced injector nurse at Chelsea Cosmetics can:

  • Create nose contours that blend well with the patient’s other facial features.
  • Correct issues that cause the nose to appear asymmetrical or imbalanced.
  • Reshape the nasal tip.
  • Increase the height of the patient’s nasal bridge.
  • Improve the shape of the bridge.
  • Camouflage irregularities (e.g., a bump on the side of the nose or a hump on the bridge).
  • Add volume to the nose.
  • Create a more prominent nasal tip.
  • Redefine the tip of the nose.

Addressing a Hump on the Bridge of the Nose

Individuals who have a hump on the bridge of their nose can have dermal filler injections in the gap that is making the hump visible. Using dermal fillers, the injector raises the gaps so that they are the same height as the hump. While this technique effectively camouflages the hump, these results are temporary. The only way to eliminate the hump permanently is with a surgical rhinoplasty.

When Compared to a Surgical Nose-reshaping Procedure, What Are the Benefits of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

Surgical rhinoplasty patients have to go to sleep during their surgery, so they receive general anaesthesia. A patient receiving a nose filler treatment remains awake throughout his or her treatment.

Following a surgical rhinoplasty, patients need to take a substantial amount of time off work or school. After having a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure, there is very little recovery time required, if any.

When compared to a surgical rhinoplasty, the benefits of a nose filler procedure include that:

  • It is more economical.
  • There is little to no downtime.
  • The procedure is quick, usually taking less than an hour to complete.
  • There is minimal aftercare.
  • Patients see their results directly after their procedure.
  • The results are reversible. Therefore, if a patient is unhappy with the results of his or her non-surgical rhinoplasty, the nurse injector can use the enzyme hyaluronidase to break down the hyaluronic acid.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Healthy men and women who would like to make minor improvements to the appearance of their nose (e.g., address divots in the tip of the nose) without having surgery may be good candidates for a nose filler procedure.

Men and women who would like to know more about a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure, including whether they are good candidates, should schedule an initial consultation at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia. During this consultation, an experienced nurse injector and a top cosmetic surgeon determine if the patient can benefit from a nose filler procedure.

What to Expect During an Initial Consultation for a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Upon his or her arrival to Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, the patient needs to fill out some registration paperwork.

While filling out this paperwork, the patient needs to provide details about his or her medical history.

Medical details should include:

  • Any chronic conditions the patient has (e.g., hypertension, diabetes). Patients should include how long they have had the condition, as well as the type of treatment currently being received.
  • The patient’s previous surgical procedures and the year that he or she had the procedure.
  • The patient’s current medications, herbal supplements and vitamins. These medications should include prescription, as well as and over-the-counter products.
  • Patients should disclose information about certain lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking, recreational drug use and alcohol consumption). The medical professionals at Chelsea Cosmetics only ask about these choices to ensure that the patient remains safe during and after his or her liquid rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia.

After reviewing the patient’s information, the cosmetic surgeon and nurse injector ask the patient what he or she would like to accomplish with a non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Patients need to keep in mind that the only way the surgeon and nurse injector can provide the results they desire is by understanding what those desires are.

Some patients bring in photos that resemble the type of nose they desire. These photos are useful as a point of reference for the surgeon and the nurse injector. While these photos are quite helpful, there is no guarantee that the patient’s results will be identical to the photo.

Following the examination of the patient’s nose and skin, the nurse injector and cosmetic surgeon know if he or she is a good candidate for a nose filler procedure.
If he or she is, and the patient decides to move forward, the nurse injector may take a few photos of the patient’s nose. In order to capture the patient’s frontal and profile views, the injector takes pictures from several different angles.

The photos of the patient’s nose are good reference materials for the medical professional to use during the creation of his or her personalised non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment plan. Following the nose-filler treatment, the patient, surgeon and nurse injector view these photos, using them for comparison purposes.

In-office Dermal Filler Procedures Offer an Economical Alternative to Surgery

Using dermal fillers, experienced injectors can make numerous aesthetic changes to the nose in just minutes. These in-office treatments avoid the costs associated with a surgical procedure and essentially eliminate the need for recovery. Although the results are temporary, the satisfaction rates associated with non-surgical treatments using dermal fillers are impressive.

A Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia

At Chelsea Cosmetics, a nose-filler treatment is a quick outpatient procedure that takes under 60 minutes for an experienced nurse injector to perform.

A non-surgical nose reshaping procedure at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia:

  1. For the sake of comfort, during a nose filler procedure, patients lie down.
  2. The injector nurse examines the patient’s face to determine which areas to inject the dermal filler. Since the injection process is strategic and requires precision, choosing an experienced injector is vital.
  3. For comparison purposes, the injector may request to take photos of the treatment area.
  4. Using a medical marker, the injector creates marks on the patient’s face. These marks indicate the precise injection point.
  5. The injector uses an antibacterial agent to clean the treatment area.
  6. Although most of the dermal fillers injectors use today contain lidocaine, which is an anaesthetic that numbs the internal treatment area, patients may also receive topical numbing cream or cryotherapy to numb the injection sites.
  7. The nurse injector waits for the patient’s external numbing agents (e.g., cryotherapy, numbing cream) to take effect.
  8. The injector nurse very carefully and with great precision gently injects small amounts of the dermal filler into the previously marked locations.
  9. Besides injection location, the nurse injector must know how much dermal filler to administer within a specific area to attain the desired results.
  10. Once the injection process is complete, the injector gently smooths the treatment areas.

Although a non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quick procedure, for beautiful aesthetic results, it does require skill, a knowledge of facial anatomy and experience. Adding too much filler in one area and not enough in another will leave the patient with noticeably uneven results. Furthermore, if the injector is not very familiar with facial anatomy, he or she may inject the dermal filler incorrectly, negatively affecting the blood flow in the patient’s nose.

Recovering After a Nose Filler Procedure in Melbourne, Australia

Since a liquid rhinoplasty is not a surgical procedure, there is very little downtime, if any. One of the most important factors during the first two weeks following a nose filler procedure is keeping pressure off the nose, especially when it comes to the areas that the nurse injector modified with dermal filler.

Patients should expect to experience tenderness, slight redness, inflammation and bruising at the sites of injection. These post-treatment side effects should not last very long.

How Long Do the Results of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

Non-surgical procedures using dermal fillers are ideal for those who would like to forego surgery. The results from a nose filler procedure last approximately 6 months.

Some Nasal Issues Require Surgical Intervention

A nose filler treatment is a viable alternative to a surgical nose-reshaping procedure; however, it is not an equivalent. Some nose issues require surgical correction. Furthermore, dermal filler results are temporary, whereas surgical results are permanent.

Nose issues that usually require surgical intervention include:

  • Repositioning of nasal structures (e.g., raising a droopy nasal tip).
  • Reducing the size of a patient’s nose.

During a surgical nose-reshaping procedure, a cosmetic surgeon can also perform a septoplasty. With a septoplasty, the surgeon corrects a deviated septum.

What Is a Deviated Septum?

The nasal septum is the cartilage and bone partition that separates the two nasal cavities. The nasal septum is normally in the centre of the nose, with equally sized cavities on either side. However, if something causes the nasal septum to move from its original position (e.g., a nose injury), the septum may block one of the nasal passages. This blockage can make it difficult for an individual to breathe and blow his or her nose. In addition, it may make the nose appear asymmetrical.

A Surgical Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia

If, during the patient’s initial consultation, the surgeon and injector nurse determine that he or she is not a good candidate for the non-surgical nose reshaping procedure, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend surgery instead. The surgeon is happy to answer any questions the patient has regarding a surgical nose reshaping procedure.

If the patient decides to have a surgical nose reshaping procedure, the surgeon may request additional information and order pre-surgical tests.

Pre-surgical testing may include:

  • Blood work.
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG).
  • Imaging tests (e.g., a computerised axial tomography scan [aka CT scan or CAT scan]).

In addition, prior to a surgical nose reshaping procedure, the cosmetic surgeon may ask for a medical release from the patient’s general practitioner.

Although the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers is less risky than surgery, it is still crucial that men and women know what to expect during the procedure. In addition, patients need to know about the recovery process (e.g., to refrain from touching his or her treatment areas and to avoid putting pressure on the nose for at least two weeks). Having all of this information before a non-surgical facial enhancement procedure ensures that there are no surprises. Furthermore, when a patient knows what to expect, he or she tends to feel more relaxed during treatment.

Potential Complications Associated With a Non-surgical Nose Reshaping Procedure

All medical procedures carry risks. Since a non-surgical rhinoplasty does not require any incisions or sedation, the risks are typically low.

Potential complications include:

  • Some patients experience irritation at the injection sites due to a sensitivity or allergy to the lidocaine that is included with the dermal filler.
  • The patient having a negative reaction to the sanitising products the nurse injector uses while preparing the patient for treatment.
  • Although rare, a patient may not be happy with his or her results. Should this be the case, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can dissolve the hyaluronic acid.
  • There is always the risk of developing an infection, which causes inflammation. This inflammation could disrupt blood flow to the mid-face. Since there are critical structures in this area, preventing inflammation is crucial.

The best way to prevent complications during a non-surgical nose reshaping procedure and directly thereafter is to choose experienced medical professionals to perform this nose filler procedure. At Chelsea Cosmetics, experienced cosmetic surgeons and nurse injectors perform dermal filler treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures for people in and around Melbourne, Australia.

How Much Does a Liquid Rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Australia, Cost?

A cosmetic surgeon and injector nurse need to examine an individual to determine how much his or her non-surgical nose reshaping procedure will cost.

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face. For this reason, it is important that an individual is pleased with the characteristics of his or her nose. If you reside in or around Melbourne, Australia, and would like to learn more about non-surgical dermal filler treatments, including the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, please contact Chelsea Cosmetics at +61 3 8822 3472 to book a consultation today. Men and women are attaining the nose characteristics they have always wanted with surgical and non-surgical procedures at Chelsea Cosmetics.

Chelsea Cosmetics is located at 2/114 James St, Templestowe, VIC 3106, Australia.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty FAQ

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Having a fine and sharp nose with a perfect bridge can improve a person’s side and frontal look. If you desire such a nose, At Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, we recommend non-surgical nose expansion – generally known as Nose Filler or filler Rhinoplasty.

By using nose filler injections this procedure can improve the shape of the nose and enhance one’s appearance. This treatment works by replacing lost volume to aid in smoothing lines between the nose and the brows and the general skin of the nose.

What are Dermal Nose Fillers?

Dermal nose fillers is a simple procedure where a dermal filler in Melbourne is injected in the skin covering the nose using a specialised technique to modify and reshape it. The procedure restores vanished volume, removes wrinkles, evens out bumps and lifts the angle of the tip of the nose. It focuses on getting a better shape without extensively changing the dimensions of the nose.In recent years, a large number of people get a more refined appearance using the nose filler treatment.



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