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Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can help refresh your facial look by lifting and tightening the loose skin around your eyes with a simple, non-invasive procedure. A non-surgical eye lift uses heat to contract the collagen fibers under the skin to improve texture and tone, creating a significant reduction in wrinkles.
This simple procedure can target expression lines, static wrinkles, and weak skin structures with a long-lasting effect that will result in more youthful-looking eyes.

Non-invasive eye lift Melbourne

The team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can provide artistic results with a non-surgical eye lift, which will tighten the skin around your eyes and creates a lifting effect on the eyelids. This procedure is also effective for smoothing the areas under the eyes, causing a reduction of eye bags.
By smoothing the skin around the eyes, we can minimise any fine lines or crows feet by encouraging natural collagen, which provides longer lasting results. Achieving youthful and fresh looking eyes with no downtime or disruption to your day has never been easier.
Sagging skin and eye bags can often cause a tired appearance, even when you are well-rested! Chelsea Cosmetics can help restore a youthful appearance with less discomfort than surgery and faster recovery. Our team will assess your current situation to ensure that the non-surgical eye lift will help you achieve the results you desire.
Alternatively, one of our other cosmetic procedures may be more effective depending on the goals that you are wishing to achieve. All of this will be assessed during a free consultation with our knowledgeable staff who can answer all of the questions you have while offering a clear process for your improved look moving forward.

non surgical eye lift melbourne

Youthful eyes are easily achievable with Chelsea Cosmetics non-surgical eye lift Melbourne. Speak to us today about refreshing your facial features.

Things to consider post-treatment

You may use a covering cream to hide excessive redness after a procedure as required, but it is important to note that swelling beneath the eyes is quite normal and will subside relatively quickly.
To lower the chances of excessive swelling and redness you can sleep with your upper body elevated. It is also fine to wash the treated areas with plain water or bland cleansers after the scabs start to fall off. If you feel a sting from a particular cleanser, it would be best to refrain from using it until your swelling subsides. The crucial point is protecting the treated area from the sun as pigmentation can occur due to sun exposure. Sunglasses and sunscreen are advised or refraining from direct sunlight for a few days and there is a range of home care options available for a continued beautiful look.

non surgical eye lift

Do eye bags cause you to look tired all of the time? Restore the youthful appearance of you eyes with smooth skin thanks to the team at Chelsea Cosmetics.

Let Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne restore a youthful look to your eyes today

The ageing process, while natural, does not have to cause any negative feelings or loss of confidence when you look in the mirror. Through a range of low-impact procedures such as the non-surgical eye lift, the staff at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can help you to feel and look your best, restoring confidence in your outward appearance. Our range of procedures and treatments are expertly delivered by our trained professionals, providing comfort for all of our patients with results that they will absolutely love.
Book a free consultation today to ensure that an eye lift or any other procedure you may be considering is right for you. We work with you and take your current situation into consideration to make sure that the best outcomes towards your goals are achieved. This is one of the main reasons why we have so many repeat patients who trust that the recommendations we’ve made for them by our knowledgeable team always have their best interests in mind. We work to achieve your goals while keeping expectations realistic so that you are always delighted and confident in the result.
Contact us today to discuss the non-surgical eye lift procedure, or any other service you have in mind for giving you a younger and more refreshed eye look. We take pride in helping people face the world with comfort and confidence; let us help you today.



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