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Lose Your Love Handles

We offer effective waistline liposuction procedures to help you lose your love handles.
'Love handles' refers to the excess fat that accumulates around the waist (flank). It is affectionately named as something to grab hold of during a cuddle. The problem with fat extending outward from the hip region is that it can be very noticeable. Most people hide the condition by limiting their wardrobe and wearing baggy or loose-fitting clothing.

Love handles can occur early in life and are usually caused by a poor diet, high calories, sugars and fats and a lack of exercise. Other causes are insomnia, hormonal changes or undiagnosed conditions that slow the metabolism, such as hypothyroidism or problems with the thyroid.

How can liposuction on love handles help?

Liposuction is a highly popular method for removing fat from the waistline and providing a more defined abdomen. The procedure is not meant for significant weight loss but is ideal for removing smaller amounts of fat that build up and create love handles. The techniques will carefully restore a more proportionate body shape that you may want. Waistline liposuction can create an aesthetically pleasing hourglass appearance, finally allowing you to pull out those tighter-fitting clothes again.

Liposuction is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure that will help contour your body without scarring or causing significant time off work. You can see the results instantly and be permanent if maintained with exercise and a healthy diet.

The cosmetic practitioners at Chelsea Cosmetics can reduce the fat in your love handle area with as little impact on your schedule as possible.

Having liposuction for love handles can benefit you by:

  • Removing difficult fat cells that form into love handles
  • Giving you a slimmer physique
  • Restoring the right contours for your body
  • Helping drop clothing sizes
  • Improving mobility and overall health
  • Providing instant results

What Results To Expect

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Men and Women Can Get Rid of Love Handles With Liposuction

Love handle liposuction is a suitable procedure for both men and women but usually for different reasons and with different results. For example, after childbirth, women use liposuction to slim the hip region and enhance their feminine figure to fit the clothing they want. On the other hand, men use liposuction to reduce love handles to accentuate their underlying muscle structure. It is an option when they have been unable to achieve the desired muscle definition through diet and exercise. It enhances the V shape, giving them a slimmer, fitter appearance.

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How the Procedure Works

Love handle liposuction is a simple procedure; however, potential patients will still need to be screened by one surgeon here at Chelsea Cosmetics to ensure it is the right one for them.

A cannula, which looks like a hollow tube, is inserted through tiny incisions around the hip area, which is then used to break up the fat cells in the love handle area, which can then be removed via suction.

Love handles respond well to liposuction treatment as it is a well-defined section of the body, and the most subtle fat reduction is very noticeable. The skin in the area tends to have good elasticity, meaning the after-effect is smooth and natural looking, so significant improvements are easily achieved.

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*All cosmetic surgery is invasive and carries risk

**Individual results vary as the outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect the outcomes that other people may experience, due to many factors, including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise.

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