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Get Rid of Persistent Fat with Leg Liposuction

Exercise and diet are the best way to slim down our bodies, but some areas remain unaffected by these methods. Leg fat, in particular, can be very tenacious, and often be decided by other factors including genealogy, making it even harder to achieve toned legs.

Legs push excess fat to the surface straight away as opposed to storing it like other parts of the body making it more obvious more quickly. Leg liposuction is a quick procedure which can solve this problem and tone the legs.

Achieve the toned legs you desire

Most leg liposuction results will be noticeable immediately; however it can take a maximum of three months to experience the final result depending on the amount of surgery required. From ankle to knee liposuction, Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can target any specific area of the leg that is stubbornly refusing to react to exercise. However, we do recommend exercise and a healthy diet following the procedure to ensure that the results of your liposuction surgery are optimal.

Achieve slimmer and firmer calves, ankles and knees

If you are considering removing stubborn excess fat from certain areas of your legs, Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne has the knowledge and experience in leg liposuction surgery to help:

  • Remove fat deposits around the calves, knees and ankles
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve your overall health

You shouldn’t feel scared about wearing a bathing suit again. Leg liposuction will enhance the natural contours of areas, like the calf area, by removing the excess fat.

Knee liposuction

Everybody hopes for well-contoured defined knees to help streamline the leg, however small pads of fatty tissue can form around the kneecaps preventing this from happening. This is often caused by excess weight or genetics, and women can also see this as a result of hormonal changes from childbirth or menopause.
The removal of merely a small amount of fat from the knee area can drastically change the aesthetic of a person’s leg; achieving slimmer, more shapely legs with the slightest amount of contouring.

leg liposuction before and after

Leg liposuction before and after by Chelsea Cosmetics

Calf and ankle liposuction

When performing calf or ankle liposuction it is advised to consider a general shaping of the lower leg which requires both areas to be treated at the same time. The goal is to ensure that the overall proportions of the leg are correct. The removal of stubborn fat in these areas are not a form of weight loss, but rather a sculpting of the real leg shape.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

How it Works

Leg liposuction is similar to other liposuction procedures however the calves, knees, and ankles usually require smaller targeted regions of reduction. Small cannulas (tubes) are used to avoid contour irregularities.

Local anaesthesia is used to reduce discomfort caused by small incisions in the skin made to allow for inserting a thin cannula (tube) into them. The excess fat is then broken up and suctioned out with a syringe or vacuum.

A small tube known as a cannula will be used during the leg liposuction procedure to remove the excess fat.


If you have tried exercise and diet to remove certain areas of fat to no avail, then leg liposuction is an option you may consider. A diet and fitness regimen is recommended at all times to help achieve more effective results, but for those cases where it isn’t enough, liposuction can be of help.


Exercising legs can often create a challenge, as too much exercise may create muscle, bulking the legs up. When leg exercises are not getting your legs to the size you want, you may need to eliminate deposits of fat to reveal the natural contours underneath.



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