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Looking younger is easy with laser treatment for pigmentation.

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A Younger, Brighter You with Laser Facial Pigmentation Removal in Melbourne

If there is one thing that can appear to age the skin, it’s pigmentation. Laser pigmentation removal decreases this effect by eliminating the skin deficiencies that mature your look, even more than wrinkles. Freckles, age spots and discoloured skin can all receive pigmentation treatment resulting in a younger, brighter skin and complexion.

How Does It Work?

Laser treatment for pigmentation targets the melanosomes which carries the pigmentation with a light source that leads to the dissolution of pigmentation by blasting or heating the melanosomes and leaving the healthy cells unaffected.

This means that any unwanted spots on your skin can be safely removed with one of the best pigmentation treatment options available. The end result is smoother, evenly-toned, younger-looking skin. The reason why so many people opt for laser treatment for face and sensitive areas include:

  • Small levels of pain
  • A decrease in the amount of inflammation
  • Excellent tissue regeneration
  • Nerve repair and regeneration

There is no need for drugs or invasive surgeries as laser pigmentation removal is convenient and time-efficient.
Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can perform your next facial pigmentation removal to our high-quality standard of care. Our highly qualified cosmetic skin doctors believe that you deserve to look and feel your absolute best. We are committed to helping you accomplish this.

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Save time and money with laser hyperpigmentation treatment

As laser treatment for pigmentation is one of the quickest and most cost-effective treatments it is often very popular. Couple this with minimal side effects aiding a speedy recovery, it is quick and simple for everyone.

If you are looking to remove pigmentation on your face and other delicate areas, this treatment is the most comfortable option which also provides long-lasting results. The production of collagen is increased during laser pigmentation removal and that is why it is a good tool to be used in pigmented scars in the face and body.

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