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Effective Treatment to Improve the Visible Signs of Keloid Scarring

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Keloid Scar Treatment

Whilst most smaller scars can be camouflaged with makeup and clothing, larger, more prominent scars, known as keloid scars, are very noticeable and difficult to hide, requiring treatment to reduce their visual appearance.

Keloid scar treatment options include corticosteroid injections, silicone gel or sheeting, laser treatment, and in some cases, excision (surgical removal). One of the less invasive and more popular scar removal options performed at our cosmetic surgery is cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the scar.

How Freezing Works

The area to be treated is numbed with a local anaesthetic, and liquid nitrogen is applied to the scar with a cryo-probe or cotton swab, which freezes and destroys the overgrown scar tissue. This causes the body to produce new, healthier tissue, helping to flatten and reduce the appearance of the keloid scar.

The procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes, and the patient can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

Multiple sessions may be required to reduce the keloid scar fully, and results can vary depending on the person's skin type and the severity of the scarring. 

Our cryotherapy treatment has shown to be effective in reducing keloid scars, with minimal side effects, a short healing process and a high patient satisfaction rate.

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What is the reason for Keloid Scarring?

A keloid scar is a type of scar that forms as a result of abnormal healing after an injury to the skin. It is characterised by an overgrowth of collagen, a natural protein in your body that helps heal wounds. Unlike normal scars that gradually fade and become less noticeable over time, keloid scars tend to grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound. They may continue to enlarge even after the wound has healed.

Keloid scars are raised, firm, and usually smooth and shiny. They can vary in colour, from pink to red or even darker than the surrounding skin. Keloids can develop on any body part but are more commonly found in the chest, shoulders, earlobes, and upper back.

Keloid scars are generally harmless and do not pose any medical risks. However, they can be cosmetically bothersome for some people and may cause itching, tenderness, or even pain in other cases.

Similar Types of Scarring

Keloid scars can sometimes be confused with other types of scarring, such as hypertrophic scars, which are elevated red scars identical to keloids but without extending outside the original injury. Other prominent scars can be contracture scars which develop when the skin has burnt. These scars tighten the skin and can extend out, which may impede movement, muscles and nerves. Some acne scarring can be very prominent and come in different forms, such as small scars to deep pits, but acne scar treatment is different to treating keloids.

Will Keloid Treatment Remove Scars Completely?

Although you can never completely eliminate scars, our expertise and techniques can significantly decrease their size and appearance.

The results of any keloid removal procedure will depend on the scar's extent, the cut or the wound's intensity and size. Your age, genes, gender and ethnicity can also have an impact. 

If you have concerns about a scar or suspect that it may be a keloid and wish to reduce its appearance, you can speak to a dermatologist to identify it or contact Chelsea Cosmetics. We can give you an accurate diagnosis, and if it is a Keloid, suggest appropriate treatment options and provide accurate keloid scar removal costs.

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