Is Coolsculpting Permanent? Will It Really Freeze My Fat?

Body Care, Non-Surgical

What is Coolsculpting? This is a question we receive quite a bit, as interest grows in this non-surgical, fat freezing solution. Basically, the procedure works to target the fatty areas of your body that are unaffected by a good quality diet and exercise. 

Coolsculpting results can help to restore a more desired shape, while making you feel better in the process.

Is Coolsculpting Permanent?

The process of Coolsculpting helps to get rid of stubborn bulges, love handles, and double chins creating a more contoured look in specific areas of the body. It is a popular way to reduce fat without the need for needles, surgery, or downtime.

The process of ‘fat freezing’ involves a cold treatment that will reduce unwanted fat cells, and while the results are not instant, you will see a difference in four to six weeks. The Coolsculpting technique works with your body’s natural cell cleaning process and targets 20-25% of the fat cells in the focused area.

Once these fat cells have been removed, they will not come back, however, it is important to note that new fat cells can form. This is why it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that the results of your procedure remain for as long as possible.

A before and after result of the fat-freezing technique called Coolsculpting, delivered by Chelsea Cosmetics.

Does Coolsculpting Really Freeze My Fat?

Technically yes, however the process does not involve any uncomfortable extreme cold feelings. A Coolsculpting session can take anywhere between 30-minutes to one-hour, depending on the size of the area that is being treated. With the use of a “vacuum”, the fat freezing technique takes place, while you relax and watch TV or read a book.

Following the Coolsculpting session, you will not require any downtime and there is also no need for any anaesthetic during the treatment. At most there may be some mild discomfort, or bruising for 24 to 72 hours after your session, but this is normal and no cause for alarm.

Which Areas Of My Body Are Suitable For Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is appropriate for any areas of the body that experience stubborn pockets of fat. Some are more common than others, but applicable sections of the body can include:

We mostly see requests for Coolsculpting technology on the stomach and thighs, followed by the abdomen and love handles.

Coolsculpting provides the benefit of no downtime and immediate results.

What Sort Of Costs Are Involved In Coolsculpting?

Depending on the amount of Coolsculpting required to help achieve your goals, our clinic offers a range of saving options. This can be helpful if you require multiple treatments. Coolsculpting sessions can start from as low as $34 per week. You can also opt to pay a one time amount of $850 per cycle. 

Speak to our team about the flexible arrangements that we offer to make your treatment more affordable. Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne also works with most insurance companies.

Want To Know If Coolsculpting Can Be Of Benefit To You?

If you are bothered by small areas of your body that seem to have fat pockets which simply won’t disappear, this non-invasive fat reduction procedure may be right for you.

Speak to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne today via a free consultation and we will assess your situation and goals to ensure Coolsculpting is right for you. If it isn’t, we have a range of other procedures on offer that may be more suitable. This safe and effective process may be the key to a more confident you; find out today.


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.