Hyperhydrosis Excessive Sweating Treatment
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Are you embarrassed by your sweaty armptis?

Excessive underarm sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can cause discomfort and meddle with your routine activities. It can cause embarrassment, socially and professionally. Many times topical agents do not prove effective.

At Chelsea cosmetics we offer 2 options to treat it.

Anti-sweating injections: they are similar to the medication used in anti-wrinkle injections.

Sweat Lipo: this method uses Laser beneath the skin to eradicate sweat glands.

Anti-sweating injections:

The chemical discharge in the nervous system that activates the sweat glands in our body is briefly blocked by anti-sweating injections. Once the medication has been injected into a particular area, sweating in that area stops.

During the treatment, a very thin needle carrying a small quantity of anti-sweating medication is injected beneath the skin, close to the sweat glands that cause irregular sweating.

Additional injections are needed to preserve dryness. These injections are essential at intervals spanning between 7 – 16 months.

Cost of Anti-Sweating injections

We suggest 50 to 70 units of anti-sweating injections for each underarm. The charges are $10 per unit for treatment of hyperhidrosis.


Overactive sweat glands can affect your armpits (axilla), hands and feet. Hyperhidrosis affects not men but women as well, who may frequently experience sweaty underarms.SweatLipo treatment uses SlimLipo technology to transmit a singular wavelength of laser light, precisely targeting to compress the sweat glands. This method of treatment does not require any cessation of your regular activities. It also does not leave any scarring or injury and is barely invasive. The results are impressive and the treatment is permanent.

How does it work?

According to a study based on the SLIM Laser platform, approximately 91% of patients noticed a substantial reduction in axillary sweating following just a single laser treatment. Almost 100% of the patients experienced a permanent reduction following 2 sessions.

Will the laser treatment prove permanent?

A more recent study was conducted in patients using the SLIM Laser Fiber (SweatLipo) and it was concluded that all of those patients have experienced no sweating subsequent to their treatment many years back.



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