How to Prevent Incidence of Skin Cancer

Skin care

Most skin cancers are caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. There are two kinds of non-melanoma skin cancer. They are Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. There is a higher incidence of BCC if there is some history of sunburn. If someone has experienced many episodes of sunburn during his childhood, he faces a higher risk of skin cancer. The risk of developing SCC is chiefly associated with overall exposure to the sun throughout one’s life.

It is important to protect yourself from the harmful ultra-violet radiation throughout the year, not only during the summer days or when you are at the beach. The sun’s UV rays would be able to reach you even on hazy and cloudy days, not just on bright sunny days. UV rays are reflected by surfaces including cement, water, snow and sand. Users are also, exposed to the harmful UV rays by indoor tanning. Sunlamp, tanning bed or booth that is used for tanning could expose you to UV radiation.

Skin Cancer Preventive Tips

The famous Skin Cancer Foundation has always been recommending the use of sunscreen lotion or cream with SPF-15 from a reputed brand/company, as an integral part of an effective sun protection regime. However, sunscreens alone are not enough to prevent skin cancer. Here are some skin cancer preventive suggestions for you to follow.

  • It is a good idea to seek the shade particularly between 10 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the evening.
  • Avoid sunburn.
  • Stay away from tanning in general and especially avoid UV tanning beds.
  • Wear proper clothes to avoid excessive sun exposure. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses and also, a broad-brimmed hat.
  • Consider using a broad-spectrum sunscreen having SPF 15 or maybe more. If you are planning any outdoor activity for an extended period of time, you must use a branded, broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen having 30 SPF or more. (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Do not expose newborns to the sun. You could apply sunscreen lotion to babies, who are six months and above.
  • Assess your skin condition every month, from head to toe.
  • Get a professional skin check-up like from Chelsea Cosmetics every year to rule out any abnormalities.

Few Interesting Facts about Skin Cancer

  • If you are in the habit of drinking coffee every day, you could easily fend off the menace called skin cancer. Research reveals that you could expect around 5% drop in the likelihood of developing skin cancer (non-melanoma) in future with every cup of coffee.
  • Skin cancer does not conform to set rules. So it is best not to dismiss a changing or odd-looking mole that has no resemblance to the typical textbook example. Consult a dermatologist at once.
  • Skin cancer is usually less common in dark-skinned people, but it involves higher probability of being fatal in them. That is because doctors are not expecting skin cancer in dark complexioned people. By the time they come up with the right diagnosis, it could be too late.
  • Skin cancer can occur in the absence of sunlight. Many women suffer and die from skin cancer (non-melanoma) on the genitals.

Keep all the tips and facts in mind to avoid skin cancer. Get in touch with a reputed skin cancer clinic if you observe any abnormalities so that the problem could be detected early and nipped in the bud.


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.