Persistent or recurrent problems relating to sexual desire, response, orgasm or pain that is distressing you or straining your relationship with your spouse are medically referred to as female sexual dysfunction. Several women face problems associated with sexual function or activity at some point in life. FSD can occur anytime and at any stage in your life. It can occur in all sexual situations or only in certain sexual situations.

Risk Factors

Some factors are known to increase the risk of getting sexual dysfunction. They are:

  • Neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury
  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Blood vessel or heart disease
  • Psychological or emotional stress
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Certain medications including high blood pressure medications or antidepressants
  • History of some sort of sexual abuse
  • After pelvic surgery

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment involves an individualized approach and may be including an effective combination of cognitive behavioural interventions, counselling, pharmacotherapy and also, treatment of concomitant psychiatric and medical conditions. Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment strategy may include:

  • Using PLISSIT Model of Sex Therapy for the purpose of both history-taking and therapy.
  • Providing education to patient as well as partner about the human anatomy, sexual function, performance etc.
  • Identifying and then treating contributing clinical conditions
  • Considering substance and medication use (both past and present) as a possible reason behind the condition and resolving the issue accordingly.
  • Boosting Stimulation using masturbation, erotic materials, and alterations in sexual routines.
  • Providing distraction techniques such as exercises with intercourse, both erotic and non-erotic fantasies, videos, music etc. for enhancing relaxation and eliminating anxiety.
  • Encouraging non-coital behaviours such as sensual massage for promoting comfort and motivating partners to communicate more.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle such as regular physical activity, avoiding excessive alcohol intake, trying to ease stress.
  • Seeking counselling from a sexual therapist for optimizing your sexual response, and enhancing sexual intimacy.
  • Using a vaginal lubricant for comfortable, pain-free intercourse.
  • Trying a device such as a vibrator for providing clitoral stimulation.

Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction Due to a Medical Condition

Your physician may:

  • Change or adjust medication that triggers sexual side effects
  • Treat thyroid issues or any other existing hormonal condition
  • Optimize treatment for anxiety or depression
  • Try techniques for alleviating pelvic pain or any other kind of pain issues

Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction Due to Some Hormonal Issue

If the condition is triggered by some hormonal cause, treatment might be including;

Estrogen Therapy: Could be in the form of tablets, cream and vaginal ring effective in enhancing vaginal elasticity and tone, improving lubrication and boosting vaginal blood flow.

Androgen Therapy: Androgens are said to include testosterone that promotes healthy sexual function especially, in women.

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