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Female Orgasmic Disorder is actually a condition in which a person has difficulty in achieving orgasm, even when sexually aroused and when sufficient sexual stimulation is present. It is marked by recurrent or persistent delay in, or complete absence of, orgasm even after normal sexual stimulation and excitement phase. This sort of disturbance is known to cause interpersonal difficulty and distress.

Treatment of Female Orgasmic Disorder

Treatment of Female Orgasmic Disorder is very much dependent on the precise cause, if the precise cause can be detected treatment becomes easier and effective. For instance, if a woman is encountering problems in experiencing orgasm as a result of some sort of an illness or due to some medication therapy, targeting those precise factors could be of immense help.

Sex Therapy or Counselling are the most common techniques of treating Female Orgasmic Disorder. Therapy could be effective in helping a woman get over depression, anxiety, past abuse or any relationship issues and problems.

Counselling could be of immense help to couples in improving their communication skills. Often couples are not comfortable in discussing sex. They might be feeling quite awkward or do not really know how to discuss sex related issues or convey to the partner what they desire or what exactly gives them immense pleasure. A counsellor could be helpful in helping couples initiate this type of discussions.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder also, referred to as Candace syndrome, is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent or persistent malfunction to manage or even maintain sexual arousal until the sexual activity is complete. Sexual arousal disorders are said to involve a definite lack of response to any kind of sexual stimulation emotional, physical or both. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is said to occur when a woman has no desire for or interest in having sexual intercourse.

Low self-esteem, depression, stress, relationship problems and anxiety could be interfering with sexual arousal. Changing the settings or trying to improve the relationship and identifying what really stimulates or excites the woman could help.

Physicians usually recommend some non-medical and some medical treatment strategies.

Non-Medical Treatment Strategies

  • Using erotic materials like books, magazines, videos and vibrators.
  • Sensual Massaging, but avoiding the genitals
  • Changing positions for reducing pain
  • Using lubricants for moistening the genital area and vagina
  • Performing Kegel exercises for strengthening the clitoris and the vagina
  • Resorting to therapy appropriate for overcoming sexual abuse or relationship issues.

Medical Treatment Strategies

Estrogen Replacement Therapy:

This could be helpful in solving the problem of vaginal dryness and pain hence, enhance sexual arousal.

Testosterone Therapy:

Effective in women known to have low levels of testosterone, the male hormone.

EROS Clitoral Therapy Device:

A device that is placed over your clitoris and activated gently for providing sexual arousal.

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