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Face Liposuction can instantly give your face a slimmer, more contoured look without major surgery.
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Liposuction for the Face

Face liposuction permanently removes excess fat and defines the facial contours to give your face a leaner natural-looking appearance without undergoing a full facelift.

The liposuction procedure can also include areas of the neck, jowls and sides of the chin. Once the fat is removed, the skin retracts and tightens over time. Patients can expect an immediate difference, with the full result visible after the swelling decreases in a couple of weeks.

It is an outpatient procedure that typically takes one to two hours to complete so you can go home the same day.

Facial liposuction will not tackle wrinkles but can be combined with other procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, eyelid surgery, collagen induction, and many others to restore a fresh and revitalised look to the face. 

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The Procedure

Your surgeon will first mark your cheeks' treatment area with a pen, then give you a local anaesthetic. In some cases, a general anaesthetic may be provided to put you asleep for the duration of the procedure.

Once the anaesthetic takes effect, tiny incisions are made, and a small suction device attached to a cannula is used to remove the fat from your cheeks. Typically the cosmetic surgeon will use a special technique to break up the fat cells and make them easier to extract. Common techniques include injecting a special Tumescent solution or using Ultrasound or energy from a Laser.

The excess fat can be redistributed to the cheeks or lips depending on the look you hope to achieve.

Recovery Time

Some swelling and soreness are expected after the face lipo procedure for the first week, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

The full recovery time is normally two to three weeks, and this is where you will see the finished result.

To aid recovery, we provide a compression garment covering areas of the head, neck and jaw.

What Results To Expect

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NOTE - Every type of cosmetic surgery comes with an element of risk. Different people will have different results - as what affects one person may not effect someone else due to their genetic makeup, eating habits, and lifestyle.

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