Dermal Lip Fillers and Injections In Melbourne

Dermal lip filling injections are a gentle way to enhance or augment your lips. It can heighten the sensuality and appearance of your face.

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Dermal Lip Filling Injections Melbourne

We provide a wide range of cosmetic injectables, such as dermal lip fillers in Melbourne. 

Dermal fillers for the lips can offer a gentle way to enhance or augment your lips and mouth. A common reason for this procedure is to heighten the sensuality and appearance of your face. This is a widely used and popular procedure in the world of cosmetic surgery because it helps to combat the signs of ageing.

When considering cosmetic lip fillers, it is important to note that this non-surgical treatment does not only apply to the shape of the lips. The areas supporting the lips should be considered as they can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. We offer a free consultation to determine if lip fillers are the right choice to achieve the outcome you would like to achieve.

Why Consider Dermal Lip Fillers?

The lips are an essential element of any person’s face. They can also be very susceptible to the signs of ageing, especially if given a lot of sun exposure. Natural sugars in the body provide fullness and hydration to the lips which retain moisture. The ageing process creates lines around the mouth giving the effect of less volume, moisture, and less definition in the lips. 

Our dermal lip filling injections can reinvigorate your lips and help reverse the signs of this natural process.

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Options for Lip Shapes

There are many different shapes and colours of lips, all of which depends on what suits your facial features. During your free consultation, the team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will discuss how to achieve the most natural result based on your lip type. Also in this consultation, we will consider the following lip shape options to help you achieve the best outcome:

  • Full Lips: The most popular option as they are rich and pouty
  • Round Lips: A charming shape that achieves a cute look
  • Shapeless Lips: No shape or defined outline which a vermilion border for the lips
  • Thin Lips: Less of volume but a defined vermilion border
  • Wide Lips: Stretched lips which add more moisture than volume
  • Uneven Lips: For this process, we even out the lips shape then shape them to look full and sexy

The Facts About Dermal Lip Fillers

While the lips are most certainly affected by the ageing process, dermal lip filling injections can help to refresh and rejuvenate your lips. This will give you a more youthful appearance. Volume loss in the lips will occur naturally over time, and dermal lip fillers work to replace that volume. While lip filler injections can be a delicate art, the team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are highly trained to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lips. Experience counts in this procedure and you can trust us to meet you high expectations.

The procedure involves strategically injecting dermal lip fillers into sections on and surrounding the lip areas to:

  • Enhance
  • Shape
  • Even out
  • Add volume
  • Create a youthful appearance

Surrounding mouth wrinkles can also be targeted by improving the reinforcement of the skin. By doing this, the area around the mouth will be less prone to wrinkling.

While there may be swelling and bruising after lip enhancement, dermal lip fillers are a gentle injection which can enhance the shape and size of lips. The non surgical lip enhancing procedure most often requires just one visit to our clinic.

What Makes Lips Aesthetically Pleasing?

This is of course very subjective, and each patient is different. Personal preference dictates the answer for everyone. Our team will work with you and discuss your needs and goals so that we can come to a realistic and achievable outcome.

The key is to acquire lips that appropriately fit the natural definitions of your face. People with smaller faces, eyes, and nose, suit smaller lips. If you over-enhance the lips, it may result in an unnatural appearance. It is commonly agreed that the bottom lip should be larger, or fuller than the top lip. Ideally the upper lip protrudes slightly when seen from the side.

The Dermal Lip Injection Technique

Dermal lip fillers can be more complicated than just merely enhancing the vermilion or red part of the lips. Good technique can include filling the areas around the lips as well.

By correcting the fine upper lip lines, you can achieve a different aesthetic and look. The same applies to the corners of the mouth. If you augment one area and not the other, there may be an imbalance in your overall appearance. The skilled team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, aim to enhance the lips so that they are in proportion to the rest of your face. Natural results are our primary goal for every patient.

Dermal Lip Fillers At Chelsea Cosmetics

Lip filler treatment is very popular, and Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne performs this procedure quite frequently. We always aim to ensure that our clients are completely happy with the results. We will work hard in collaboration with you, to achieve your desired outcome too. Before and after, we are here to support you, from the initial consultation thru to the post-procedure process.

Our team consists of highly qualified cosmetic skin doctors who work from our accredited clinic. They have access with the latest products and up to date procedures. We are specialists, well experienced with the dermal lip filling procedure.

Once we have discussed your aesthetic goals we will apply our knowledge and expertise to help you obtain a realistic and achievable outcome. Our careful and honest aesthetic assessment has the primary purpose of helping you to look and feel your absolute best.

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