Dermal Fillers Vs. Fat Transfer – Pros and Cons

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We regularly get enquires at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne in relation to dermal fillers vs fat transfer. Which is better? What one will give a more natural appearance?

Dermal fillers are a very popular non-surgical facelift treatment but many people believe a fat transfer, which uses your own fat from various parts of your body offers a more natural process.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne’s team of highly skilled doctors work with an extensive range of dermal filler products, while also understanding the benefits of the fat transfer option, to help combat the various signs of the ageing process and provide a wider range of options for prospective patients to choose from.

Choosing which option personally works best for your situation and desired changes, it is best to contact the team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne for a full consultation and analysis.  But if you’d like to get a general understanding of these options, here’s a look at the main differences between dermal fillers vs. fat transfer to help you make a more informed decision for your body.

Dermal Fillers vs. Fat Transfer

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to dermal fillers vs. fat transfer, and no two patients are alike. The right path for you depends on your treatment needs, and our experienced team considers every patient on an individual basis. We offer a detailed approach to satisfy your specific needs and provide you with all of the information that you’ll need for making an informed decision during a free consultation.

Dermal Fillers

Chelsea Cosmetics offers a range of procedures focused on the facial region which involve the use of dermal fillers. These fillers can help to rebuild volume to various areas of the face and are popular due to the fact they are a non-surgical procedure. Dermal fillers are made of a material naturally found in the skin, lessening any risks associated with them.

The team at Chelsea Cosmetics can inform you as to the filler which is most likely to give you the results that you are looking form, while also determining the appropriate placement and dosage for your situation.

Dermal fillers in Melbourne are a quick and non-invasive treatment option with the various dermal filler options determined by the different results and goals someone would be looking for. This gives dermal fillers slightly more versatility than a fat transfer; however, the varying options will last for varying degrees of time. Some will last for a few months; others can remain for up to a year. One factor that many consider a downside to dermal fillers is that repeated treatments that are needed to maintain the effects, which can be more expensive in the long run.

dermal fillers vs. fat transfer

Unsure about dermal fillers vs. fat transfer? The right option for you may be different than what is right for someone else. It is best to speak to the team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne before making any decision.

Various Dermal Filler Options

There are a varied selection of dermal fillers that all offer varying results. Most dermal fillers are made from a clear gel, but they differ in thickness, viscosity, and longevity. Finer fillers have a shorter lasting time frame and typically used on areas with fine skin or which require extreme smoothness.

In some cases, fillers can be blended with a local anaesthetic. This works to reduce the pain that can be experienced as a result of the procedure. The anaesthetic offers a mild numbing of the skin so that the patient is more comfortable.

Fat Transfer

Much like dermal fillers, a fat transfer can restore the youthful fullness and contours that are affected by the ageing process. A fat transfer is also known as fat augmentation, and it can have a positive effect on facial asymmetries to help provide a better balance between various facial features.

In Chelsea Cosmetics, we collect the fat using special syringes connected to a special suction machine and then we centrifuge it in a high speed. The syringes are designed to crash the large old fat cells and keep the young fat cells and fat cells intact. Large fat cells tend to die soon after conventional fat transplant while young fat cells and fat cells (vascular fat cells) tend to have higher survival rate. Only 30% of the transplanted fat survives after conventional fat transplant while 80% of the fat survives after transplant using the fat concentrate we use in Chelsea clinic.

Along with the substance being more natural to your body, people tend to prefer the idea of a fat transfer as the results will last significantly longer. You also have the added benefit of the donor area, be it the abdomen or legs looking slightly slimmer.

The fat which is used will also contain fat cells that can help improve tissue quality, and there is very little downtime required as a result of the procedure.

A fat transfer, however, is a more technically demanding procedure than that of a dermal filler injection. In some cases, fat may be absorbed by the body which alters the result as not all of the fat which has been transferred remains in the desired region. This means that you may require an additional procedure to obtain the desired results.

dermal filler or fat transfer

Maintain a youthful, fit appearance by talking to the team at Chelsea Cosmetics about the areas of your body you feel are being affected by age or significant weight fluctuations.

Speak to Chelsea Cosmetics About the Right Options For You

The staff at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are professional, highly trained and well-experienced in a number of procedures and they are on hand to answer any questions that you may have during your free consultation. They will evaluate your needs and wants then suggest the best course of action for your situation.

Whether you are looking for anti-wrinkle injectables or dermal fillers, or if you would prefer the fat transfer process, we will assess your goals and discuss realistic expectations with you prior to any treatment. Our main priority is the selection of a procedure that is safe and offers the greatest chance of reaching your desired outcome. We believe that everybody should feel happy in their own skin and have the confidence to face the world looking their best. If you aren’t quite there yet, we may be able to help.

Contact us today to book in your free consultation and allow our friendly team to evaluate your situation and understand your goals. We can find the right solution for your needs, and we’ll support you through the process every step of the way!


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.