The Primary Reasons for Cosmetic Tattooing

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What Can Cosmetic Tattooing Do For You?

Cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne has been around for decades, but the number of people in the area who’ve tried it is still in the minority. Some don’t think they wear makeup often enough to make investing in it worthwhile, others may be afraid of the potential pain, and still others may think that having permanent cosmetics will limit the number of looks they are able to achieve. Despite their misgivings, there is still a large portion of the populace who may have a lot to gain from permanent cosmetics.

How Cosmetic Tattooing Works

The application of permanent cosmetics is very similar to the application of any other tattoo– ink is injected under the skin to give it color. This can be done with either a traditional tattoo gun, a rotary device, or a non-powered hand device. Using one or more of these methods, tattoo ink is injected into the dermal layer of skin. While this area doesn’t shed the same way the epidermal layer does (and therefore the ink will stay in place), tattooing can fade a little bit over time. For the most part, permanent tattooing will remain permanent as long as it is properly cared for and given occasional color refreshing.

What Cosmetic Tattooing Can Do

Most people think of permanent eyeliner or lip liner when they think of cosmetic tattooing, but there are a lot of appearance-enhancing applications for it. For example, tattooing can help camouflage a surgical scar or help re-pigment the aureola after breast reconstruction surgery. It can also fill in sparse brows or hairlines, make eyelashes appear fuller and darker, enhance lip color, and reduce the appearance of some birthmarks.

Who Cosmetic Tattooing Can Help

While permanent cosmetics have been presented as a way for the average makeup-user to save time, their benefits extend beyond that. People with arthritis, tremors, or other dexterity issues that make grasping small objects difficult can avoid the frustration and pain that comes with applying makeup. People that have had surgery or injuries can have their scarred areas re-pigmented. Cosmetic tattooing allows some users maintain their self-esteem and independence by allowing them to enhance their appearance without having to worry about how their makeup looks each day.

The Side-Effects of Tattooing

The side-effects of permanent makeup are usually mild, and going to a reputable technician can help minimize the risk. Some people may develop infections at the tattooing site, or may be allergic to certain inks. After healing, a small number of patients may notice changes in sensation in the tattooed area.

Cosmetic tattooing is a great way to save time and money on makeup, and a great way to help some people maintain their self-esteem in the face of health problems. Out of all the cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne, Chelsea Cosmetics best gives patients what they need– whether it’s just a few free minutes every morning, or a little bit of their independence back.


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.