Chelsea Cosmetics provides a broad range of effective cosmetic procedures for both women and men. Whether it is liposuction or simply the tummy tuck, we at Chelsea, have you covered. No wonder we are today acknowledged as the best cosmetic clinic Templestowe. Under the vigilant care of our experienced and certified dermatologists and cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, you could now keep ageing at bay and look youthful forever. We offer post weight loss surgical procedures and we endeavour to make you look young, fit and beautiful. Chelsea Cosmetics has set a high standard in these procedures that are highly in demand today as everyone is conscious about her looks and personality.

We at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, the most renowned cosmetic clinic Templestowe, are known to operate with cutting-edge equipment and we use top brands. We deliver top quality treatments and cosmetic solutions amidst state-of-the art facilities. We believe that high quality and great technology are integral to delivering effective and safe results. We take immense pride in our team of highly experienced and specialised cosmetic surgeons who offer customized and compassionate procedures that would be best addressing your requirements while putting all your fears and inhibitions to rest. Come schedule your consultation at the earliest possible. We offer a broad range of cosmetic procedures that include Liposuction.

Liposuction: Chelsea Cosmetics is widely acclaimed for providing Slim Liposuction that is known to be an advanced and upgraded type of Liposuction. It is known to use a revolutionary technology. It uses a laser wavelength that is effective in melting fat, transforming it into a liquid for getting rid of it easily simply by using medical suction pumps. Slim Lipo is supposed to be basically, a non-surgical liposuction that is effective not only in eliminating unwanted fat but also, reducing sagging and creating a wonderfully contoured surface.

Breast Augmentation: Breast Implants are also, referred to as breast augmentation and implies enhancement or enlargement of breasts. This procedure involves synthetic implants that make your breasts look bigger and fuller. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons provide premium breast augmentation procedures at Chelsea Cosmetics.

CoolSculpting: This involves treating the affected area with the help of a device inside a chamber where the temperature is dropped causing the fat to completely freeze without damaging any skin tissue. CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive procedure and does not necessitate the use of needles, knives or even lasers. You need practically, no downtime. Chelsea Cosmetics offers efficient cool sculpting services. Contact us right away.

Tummy Tuck: A tummy tuck is supposed to be a surgical procedure involving excision of the apparently excessive skin, liposuction of excessive fat and tightening of your abdominal wall muscles. Our competent cosmetic surgeons help to give you a tighter, flatter and definitely, nice and shapely tummy.

An Impressive Array of Cosmetic Treatments and Cures

Chelsea Cosmetics is the most acclaimed cosmetic clinic Templestowe as it offers a broad spectrum of cosmetic procedures and services at highly reasonable rates without compromising on quality. We offer diverse neck lift procedures, fat transplant, anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers in Melbourne, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, eyelid surgery etc. and many other premium cosmetic procedures.

Rest assured to get the highest quality services and achieve the best results thanks to Dr. Mark Attalla and his dedicated team of experts. Dr Attalla is the founder and the director of Chelsea Cosmetics. He is highly qualified and a fully certified Cosmetic Surgeon whose mission in life is to provide top grade cosmetic cures at rock-bottom prices.