Important Things to Know Before Getting Cellulite Treatment

Are you looking for professional cellulite treatment in Melbourne? You are certainly not alone. People have long desired to minimise if not eliminate the appearance of cellulite, which affects the overwhelming majority of women at some point in their life. For many women, cellulite can be frustrating. Whether it’s a result of adding shape to your body, stretched skin after … Read More

How Arm Liposuction Can Give You Slimmer and More Toned Arms

Having slimmer and more toned arms is a dream of most women. Although the best way to achieve this is through exercise and a healthy lifestyle, in some cases other surgical or non-surgical options can be considered. At Chelsea Cosmetics, we have perfected the arm liposuction method to not only sculpt the lower fold of the arm but also the … Read More

The Primary Reasons for Cosmetic Tattooing

What Can Cosmetic Tattooing Do For You? Cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne has been around for decades, but the number of people in the area who’ve tried it is still in the minority. Some don’t think they wear makeup often enough to make investing in it worthwhile, others may be afraid of the potential pain, and still others may think that … Read More