Wrinkle Reducing Injections Results and The Costs

Face Care, Non-Surgical

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is often faced with the question “what are anti-wrinkle injections?” from a range of patients who are looking to combat wrinkles which are often caused by ageing and various other lifestyle factors. They also question the cost of anti-wrinkle injections as a younger-looking face is desirable for everyone. Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will answer these questions below while … Read More

Important Things to Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers

Face Care, Non-Surgical

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are constantly asked a simple question about one of our most popular products – what are dermal fillers?  The answer is also an explanation about why they are so popular. As a non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers can enhance parts of the body to create a more youthful aesthetic. Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offers a range of dermal fillers … Read More

What Are Anti Wrinkle Injections, Are They Safe?

Face Care, Non-Surgical

Many people wish to maintain a wrinkle-free face, which is why Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offers an anti-wrinkle treatment Melbourne locals can access with ease. Wrinkles are often caused by aging, lack of skin care routine, and even lifestyle factors can also contribute to creating fine lines. The question remains though for those looking for a solution, what are anti-wrinkle injections? … Read More

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

Face Care, Non-Surgical

Injectable fillers are widely used in the world of cosmetic surgery to help combat the signs of ageing, but a common question we receive is how much do dermal fillers cost? While the answer on price for this non-surgical treatment can vary based on your goals and requirements, we can shed a little light on the base level costs to … Read More

Is Coolsculpting Permanent? Will It Really Freeze My Fat?

Body Care, Non-Surgical

What is Coolsculpting? This is a question we receive quite a bit, as interest grows in this non-surgical, fat freezing solution. Basically, the procedure works to target the fatty areas of your body that are unaffected by a good quality diet and exercise.  Coolsculpting results can help to restore a more desired shape, while making you feel better in the … Read More

Blepharoplasty – What to Expect Before and After the Procedure?

Eyes, Non-Surgical, Surgical

When it comes to eyelid surgery, also referred to as Blepharoplasty, what to expect and what is involved are common queries patients have. This procedure is often performed as a solution to sagging eyelids, hooded eyes, and double eyelid correction, and Chelsea Cosmetics are the Blepharoplasty Melbourne experts who can help. Depending on whether you require a lower or combined … Read More

Dermal Fillers: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the more popular products that people inquire about at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is our dermal fillers. But what are dermal fillers?  Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment that can enhance certain areas of the body and provide you with a more youthful aesthetic. The Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne’s team work with an extensive range of dermal filler products to … Read More

How Long Do Wrinkle Reducing Injections Last? Your Comprehensive Guide

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Wondering how long do anti-wrinkle injections last? While it’s a highly effective and popular procedure, the duration of their effects is not permanent and depends on several factors and what you do afterwards, which we will cover in this article. The visual results of Anti-wrinkle injections will typically last anywhere between three to four months. Regular cosmetic treatments can increase … Read More

Non-Surgical Liposuction For Belly Fat Removal vs Tummy Tuck

Body Care, Non-Surgical

Struggling to lose extra tummy fat? Stubborn, hard to lose fat around the stomach is an all-too-common complaint: gaining and losing weight through pregnancy and normal day-to-day life means some people struggle to shift unwanted extra kilos, even after trying strict diet and exercise regimes. RELATED: Liposuction Women who have had children often find themselves left with extra weight, excess … Read More