Non-Invasive Liposuction Side Effects and Recovery

A healthy lifestyle and exercise is something that everyone should strive for. Try as we may, sometimes this way of living has no effect on stubborn areas of fat in the body that fail to respond to all-natural fat loss methods. In these cases, people often consider cosmetic surgery, specifically liposuction. Side effects and recovery play a big part in … Read More

How ONDA Reduces Skin-Surface Heating Compared to Other Treatments

Chelsea Cosmetics is one of the first clinics to have the ONDA Laser System by Deka. After attending numerous Aesthetic shows, we were overwhelmingly amazed by the Onda, as the science behind the treatments was extensively proven and used exclusively by doctors and physicians on Harley Street. As manufacturers of the globally-renowned Laser Lipolysis treatment, DEKA has developed a technology … Read More

Does Coolsculpting Work? Fat Freezing Before and After Treatment Results

The non-surgical, fat freezing solution called Coolsculpting is an effective way to target stubborn fat. If you are looking to learn some information like what is Coolsculpting and how it works, Chelsea Cosmetics Coolsculpting Melbourne can help. As the process of Coolsculpting is non-invasive, it is becoming a preferred way for many patients to target stubborn bulges, love handles and … Read More

Is Coolsculpting Permanent? Will It Really Freeze My Fat?

What is Coolsculpting? This is a question we receive quite a bit, as interest grows in this non-surgical, fat freezing solution. Basically, the procedure works to target the fatty areas of your body that are unaffected by a good quality diet and exercise.  Coolsculpting results can help to restore a more desired shape, while making you feel better in the … Read More

Breast Implants vs Fat Transfer and Fat Cell: Pros and Cons, Results, Costs Comparison

What Breast Augmentation Option is Best For You? Breast-enhancing procedures are increasingly popular among contemporary women. More women are looking to increase their breast size, reshape and lift their breasts after having children, or fight the effects of aging. Regardless, such procedures can help women feel happier and more confident with their bodies. For many years, breast implants were the … Read More

Non-Surgical Liposuction For Belly Fat Removal vs Tummy Tuck

Struggling to lose extra tummy fat? Stubborn, hard to lose fat around the stomach is an all-too-common complaint: gaining and losing weight through pregnancy and normal day-to-day life means some people struggle to shift unwanted extra kilos, even after trying strict diet and exercise regimes. RELATED: Liposuction Women who have had children often find themselves left with extra weight, excess … Read More