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Melbourne BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Previously, the only way an individual could increase the size and improve the projection of his or her buttocks was to have synthetic implants placed. Today, instead of artificial implants, individuals can modify the size, shape and projection of their buttocks with a butt augmentation procedure that is referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). During a BBL, surgeons use the patient’s own purified fat cells to make the buttock modifications he or she desires. At Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, experienced surgeons strategically inject an individual’s own purified fat cells into his or her buttocks to modify the shape, increase the size and improve the projection of the buttocks. Furthermore, the surgeons collect the fat for injection from areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

What Causes the Characteristics that a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia, Addresses?

Fluctuations in weight, the natural ageing process, and even genetics can play a role in the amount of projection an individual has in his or her buttocks.

Men and women who have a flat butt may avoid wearing clothing that accentuates the figure (e.g., tight-fitting jeans). People who are bothered by this lack of projection may begin feeling self-conscious, which negatively affects their confidence level.

Who Should Consider Having a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a good option for healthy men and women who would like to augment their buttocks without using synthetic implants.

Individuals who may be ideal candidates for a BBL in Melbourne, Australia, are those who:

  • Would like to modify their buttocks.
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook on the results a surgeon can achieve with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Are in good emotional and physical health.
  • Have enough excess fat in other areas of their body to harvest for transfer.
  • Avoid sitting on their buttocks for several weeks.
  • Have good skin elasticity, especially in the buttock and hip areas.

Why Would an Individual Choose To Have a Brazilian Butt Lift Over Implants and Temporary Fillers?

The BBL procedure is less invasive than butt implant surgery is, and it offers patients less downtime.

The fat transferred during a Brazilian Butt Lift that survives, remains in the buttocks, indefinitely, whereas, the results achieved with temporary fillers are short-lived.

Additional benefits of the BBL include that it:

  • Provides patients fast results.
  • Is a completely natural way to enhance the buttocks.
  • Offers permanent results.
  • Improves the way clothing fits.
  • Is a dual procedure that enhances the buttocks and slims other parts of the body.
  • Offers women a curvier figure and men a stronger-looking physique.
  • Allows the surgeon to sculpt a patient’s buttocks to meet his or her aesthetic desires.

Why Do Women Choose to Have a BBL in Melbourne, Australia?

Many women want to have an hourglass-shaped figure that is similar to the physical characteristics seen in celebrities (e.g., Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian).

Why Would a Man Choose to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A man may decide to have a BBL to attain strong, square-shaped buttocks. During a male Brazilian Butt Lift, the surgeon uses liposuction to harvest fat from the patient’s sides, back and abdominal area.

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia?

Besides enhancing a woman’s figure and improving a man’s masculine physique, by modifying the buttocks, a BBL provides a variety of other benefits.

By harvesting fat from troublesome areas (e.g., the abdomen, love handles, thighs and hips), the surgeon enhances the natural contours of the patient’s body. This benefit is one of the main reasons people choose to have a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia.

People who eat healthy and dedicate themselves to a weekly exercise routine, but still have excess fat in the potential harvesting areas (e.g., the abdomen) can benefit from a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Removal of excess fat in the harvesting areas naturally results in a more toned appearance.

Although implants and artificial fillers can successfully augment the buttocks, the results tend to look less natural than what the surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics can achieve with the patient’s own purified fat.

Furthermore, by using autologous fat, if the patient loses weight in the future, the shape of his or her body changes accordingly.

A Brazilian Butt Lift at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia:
The Initial Consultation

Upon arriving for their initial consultation, patients receive registration paperwork to complete. It is essential for patients to provide their surgeon with accurate information, in relation to their medical history, current medications, treatments, herbal supplement use and daily vitamins. Furthermore, patients who tend to drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis or participate in recreational drug use must let their surgeon know. This information is important because the surgeon needs to ensure that any medications or products the patient receives during surgery will not interact with anything he or she is currently taking or using.

Patients who use products that contain nicotine must discontinue using these products for at least 28 days before and 28 days after their Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia. Following this requirement is crucial because nicotine negatively affects the body’s ability to heal. Therefore, using these products can lengthen the recovery process, which increases the likelihood of developing an infection, experiencing open wounds and tissue death.

The surgeon reviews all the patient’s information and asks what he or she would like to accomplish with a BBL in Melbourne, Australia. After hearing the patient’s desires, if the surgeon believes he or she may be a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift, the surgeon performs a physical examination.

This examination includes viewing the areas that the patient would like the surgeon to contour while removing excess fat for transfer into the buttocks. In addition, the surgeon may view and measure the patient’s buttocks to determine if a BBL can provide the results that he or she desires. Another factor that the surgeon considers is the elasticity of the patient’s skin, especially in the harvesting areas.

If the surgeon determines that the patient is a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift and he or she decides to move forward with the procedure, the surgeon may take photos. These photos and measurements are crucial because they provide the surgeon with reference materials to use while creating the patient’s customised BBL procedure plan.

With the goal of ensuring that each patient is comfortable with his or her upcoming procedure, Chelsea Cosmetics encourages patients to ask questions. In addition, if a patient is interested in learning more about a different procedure, he or she should feel free to inquire. At Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, the surgeons, medical staff and team members will never attempt to entice a patient into having additional procedures, even those that he or she has previously inquired about.

Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia

After creating the patient’s personalised BBL plan, the surgeon speaks with the patient about preparing for surgery. Patients must follow numerous directions before and after surgery. These directions can help ensure that the patient has an uneventful Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and recovery.

Certain medications must be discontinued at least 10 days before and after surgery. Some of these medications are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise referred to as NSAIDs. Blood thinning medications (e.g., Coumadin), aspirin and ibuprofen. Nonetheless, if a patient needs to take a medication within this timeframe, acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) is a safe option. That said, patients taking doctor-recommended over-the-counter or prescription medications have to speak with their physician before making any changes to their medication dosage or use.

Before surgery, patients should stock up on healthy foods and drinks, as well as any items their surgeon recommends.

If the surgeon orders the patient’s post-surgical medication ahead of time, he or she should pick it up before the day of surgery.

Patients receive direction related to what they must do the night before their Brazilian Butt Lift from their surgeon.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure: What to Expect

Patients should arrive about 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment.

Surgeons usually perform a BBL as an outpatient procedure. Since the patient receives anaesthesia during his or her Brazilian Butt Lift, he or she needs to arrive with a licensed driver. Patients who neglect to bring a driver will have to reschedule their Brazilian Butt Lift. Using for-hire transportation of any kind after receiving anaesthesia is not a feasible option.

Once the patient checks in, a friendly staff member takes the patient to the pre-op area. While here, an experienced nurse prepares the patient for surgery. The nurse checks the patient’s vitals and gives him or her a surgical gown to change into. In addition, the anaesthesiologist meets with the patient to answer any questions he or she has about the anaesthesia. The surgeon also visits the patient directly before his or her BBL. At this time, patients are encouraged to ask their surgeon any last-minute questions they have.

A team member takes the patient to the operating room.


Patients receive general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation (i.e., twilight sedation). General anaesthesia causes the patient to fall into a deep sleep. With twilight sedation, the patient is in a lighter sleep, but he or she will not remember very much about surgery. The benefit of twilight sedation is that the patient is asleep, but can easily respond. In addition, he or she feels less groggy upon waking.


The surgeon creates tiny incisions in the fat harvesting areas. It is through these incisions that the surgeon removes excess fat.

Collecting the Fat for Grafting

The surgeon places a small, hollow tube (i.e., a cannula) that is attached to a vacuum or a sterile syringe through one of these incisions. Then, the surgeon gently removes some of the patient’s excess fat. It is essential that the surgeon is gentle while removing the fat. If a surgeon is rough during removal, the number of viable fat cells for transfer may be lacking.

Some patients receive drains. These drains help reduce inflammation by providing an area for the excess fluid and blood to exit the body.

Once the fat harvesting process is complete, the surgeon closes the incisions.

Purifying the Fat Cells Before Transfer

Following its removal, the fat is taken to the lab, where it is placed inside a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the vials of fat at a very high speed, which causes the strong fat cells to separate from the weaker ones. With a sterile syringe, the surgeon collects the strongest fat cells to use for transfer.

Transferring the Purified Fat Cells to the Buttocks

Since the body tends to reabsorb about 25% of the transferred fat, the surgeon may inject more fat than is required to achieve the look the patient wants.
By injecting fat cells into the patient’s buttocks. The surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, strategically place these injections to provide the patient with the results he or she desires.

A team member takes the patient to the recovery area.

For at least 2 weeks after the surgery, patients need to refrain from sitting on their buttocks.

A fat harvesting procedure takes from two to four hours to complete.

The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Surgeon

The skill of the cosmetic surgeon performing the BBL directly effects the quality of the patient’s results. A Brazilian Butt Lift requires strategic placement of the purified fat. Furthermore, the surgeon must be familiar with the specific anatomy of the buttocks, including the path of the circulatory system in the buttocks.

Directly following surgery, the patient remains in the recovery area for observation. While here, Chelsea Cosmetics’ surgical team monitors the patient’s vitals until he or she awakens. Once awake, the patient receives information related to the Brazilian Butt Lift recovery process. In addition, unless provided beforehand, the surgeon gives the patient a prescription for pain medication and possibly an antibiotic.

The patient receives post-surgical instructions to follow. Once the surgeon answers all the patient’s questions, the surgeon releases the patient to his or her driver. Nonetheless, there are times when, for monitoring purposes, the surgeon requests that the patient stay overnight. Even patients who remain overnight need a driver. The reasons a driver is necessary include the use of anaesthesia the day before and the need of the patient to refrain from putting pressure on his or her buttocks for a couple of weeks.

For-hire Transportation Following a Butt Augmentation in Melbourne, Australia

Patients must avoid the use of for-hire transportation and, instead, ask a friend or family member to accompany them home. Following this recommendation is crucial because the patient may need help getting out of the vehicle and walking. A friend or family member is usually happy to help; however, this type of assistance is not part of a for-hire transportation staff member’s duties.

Recovery Following a Brazilian Butt Lift

While recovering from a BBL, the patient must not sit or put pressure on his or her buttocks for a couple of weeks. Following this instruction is vital because putting pressure on the newly transplanted fat cells could hamper their ability to create themselves a blood supply. Without a blood supply, these cells will die.

Inflammation, tenderness and bruising after a BBL is normal, so is discomfort in the areas the surgeon used for fat harvesting. However, the patient experiences the most discomfort during the first week of recovery.

For the first few days of recovery, patients should expect to experience some leakage from their incision sites. Some patients decide to make these initial days of recovery easier by trading their usual undergarments for adult diapers. In addition, patients should consider using old bedding to avoid staining their favourite linens.

During the first 2 weeks of recovery, the bruises and much of the swelling begin to diminish. Any residual inflammation continues to diminish for another 4 weeks. Patients can sleep on their side, and it is okay for them to stand while performing daily activities.

The patient may receive a special pillow, which allows for a modified sitting position.
Within 3 weeks of their procedure, most of Chelsea Cosmetics’ Brazilian Butt Lift patients return to work or school and begin performing their routine activities. However, even at this point, patients are to refrain from lifting heavy objects and performing strenuous exercises. These restrictions remain in place until the surgeon releases the patient to perform these activities.

Following the instructions provided by the surgeon is the only way to ensure the best possible BBL result and a quick recovery.

The surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, are always happy to answer any questions a patient has and to provide support during his or her recovery period.
Although patients see some results directly after surgery, final results become evident about 2 months after their Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

How Long Do the Results of a BBL Last?

Although reabsorption following transfer is possible, the fat that does create itself a blood supply remains in the buttocks permanently.

Follow-up Appointments

Patients will return to Chelsea Cosmetics for a follow-up appointment.

Are There Any Risks to Consider Before Having a Brazilian Butt Lift in Melbourne, Australia?

As with every procedure, there are risks and potential complications that patients need to consider before having a BBL.

Risks and potential complications include:

  • Blood pocket formation beneath the skin (i.e., a hematoma).
  • An infection.
  • Under-correction.
  • Over-correction.
  • Prolonged inflammation.
  • Fat re-absorption.
  • Fat necrosis.
  • Contour irregularities.
  • Skin necrosis.
  • Blood clots.
  • Asymmetrical results.
  • Nerve damage.
  • A negative reaction to the medications used during surgery.

Patients can reduce their likelihood of experiencing a complication by choosing one of the caring, highly experienced surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics.

How Much Will a BBL at Chelsea Cosmetics Cost?

During an initial consultation, one of the experienced surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics in Melbourne, Australia, can determine how much an individual’s Brazilian Butt Lift will cost.

If you would like to modify your buttocks and remove excess fat from troublesome areas, Chelsea Cosmetics can help. To schedule an appointment for a Brazilian Butt Lift consultation, call +61 3 8822 3472. Chelsea Cosmetics address is 2/114 James Street, Templestowe VIC 3106, Australia.



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