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Arms Liposuction Before & After Photos

Arms Liposuction

Having slimmer and more toned arms is a dream of most women. We all agree that the best way to achieve this is by living a healthy life and exercising. People fail to achieve their goal through healthy life and exercising would consider other non surgical or surgical options.

In Chelsea Cosmetics we perfected the slim lipo of the arms through not only sculpting the lower fold of the arm, but to include all surfaces of the arms in a 180-360 degree more attractive 3D lipo. Using this procedure allows us to excellent results with much smoother and slimmer arms, arms sculpting also should include areas that are usually missed during normal lipo procedure which are the handing part above the elbows, the anterior bra folds and possible posterior bra folds.

On most men, the fat layer under the skin is very thin and that allows the muscles to be easily seen while on women, the fat layer is usually thick enough to pull the skin with gravity creating arm holds and hide any muscle contour even in a muscular woman.

In Slim lipo sculpting, we gently melt the fat and leave a few millimetres of fat under to keep the skin nice and smooth and at the same time we contour your muscles accurately.

Arms liposculpture can be done either under local or general anaesthesia. When it is done under local anaesthesia we use tumescent which is a numbing mixture of local anaesthetic, saline and drug that helps to shrink the blood vessels and minimises the bruising and bleeding during the procedure.


A before and after arm liposuction result performed by Chelsea Cosmetics.

Benefits of Tumescent versus general anaesthesia are many. Using tumescent minimises the risk we experience during general anaesthesia such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, blood pressure fluctuation, cardiac incidents etc. Other benefits of awake liposuction is that smaller instruments are used which results in less bruising and trauma, and quicker healing is generally seen.


Patients are required to fast overnight if they will have arm liposuction done under general anaesthesia and can have a light breakfast if under local anaesthesia.

The procedure is done under sedation and that lowers the patient’s stress before and during surgery, unless the procedure is done under general anaesthesia. The skin is injected with local anaesthesia and then a small nick in the skin made to inject tumescent and to suck the fat out, and then tumescent is injected under the skin to numb the whole area.

The laser is used first under the skin to melt the fat and tightens the skin (if slim lipo is chosen) and then power assisted suction (PAL) is used gently under the skin where the cannula vibrates and breaks the remaining fat without using any power force.

PAL has much stronger power to remove more fat from the patient than conventional liposuction without the need to use any man power force.

arms liposuction before and after

Get a slimmer and more toned arms with arms liposuction from Chelsea Cosmetics.


Tumescent anaesthesia is a large volume of diluted local anaesthesia that has the advantage of numbing the liposuction area and at the same time, it shrinks the blood vessels which minimises the discomfort during the surgery and any chance of bleeding after the surgery.


  • Unrealistic expectation.
  • Patients that have undergone crash dieting prior to the treatment.
  • Morbid Obesity (mega surgical liposuction is controversial due to higher risk of mortality from fluid shifts)
  • Anaesthesia (allergy to the medications)
  • Patients with history of bad scarring or keloids


Minor & Common Complications:

  • Negligible complications do not pose a threat to the patient’s life or affect their bodily functions or interfere with their work ability.
  • Trivial complications cover Temporary bruising, Seroma, allergic reactions to drugs, irregularities of the skin or unevenness and hematomas.
  • Less common side effects include necrotizing fasciitis, infection and local Anaesthesia risks.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”



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