Wrinkle Reducing Injections Results and The Costs

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Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is often faced with the question “what are anti-wrinkle injections?” from a range of patients who are looking to combat wrinkles which are often caused by ageing and various other lifestyle factors.

They also question the cost of anti-wrinkle injections as a younger-looking face is desirable for everyone. Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will answer these questions below while giving some benefits of this non-surgical treatment that will target existing lines and prevent deeper and bigger lines from forming, avoiding the need for more intensive procedures.

What Are Wrinkle Reducing Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a non-invasive procedure that can be performed quickly and will offset the contraction that creates wrinkles in your facial muscles. Via use of a neurotransmitter, the nerve in the muscle is inhibited which stops the formation of wrinkles.

Essentially your muscles will relax without any negative effect to the natural transmission between nerve and muscle via a common procedure with a proven safety record.

What Are the Benefits of Wrinkle Reducing Injections?

The primary goal for those considering anti-wrinkle injections is to combat the signs of ageing. Many cosmetic surgery procedures will preserve your smooth looking skin, but anti-wrinkle injections offer a unique range of benefits that make them very popular.;

These benefits include:

  • Less risk via a non-surgical solution which also lowers recovery time and cost
  • Minimal discomfort as only an extremely fine needle is used
  • Fast results that will appear after a few days
  • Minimal to No bruising or swelling
  • Speedy recovery times and a procedure that takes only take a few minutes
  • The ability to return to work straight away
  • No issues with applying make-up immediately after the procedure
  • Increased confidence thanks to a youthful and natural new look
anti-wrinkle injections before and after

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne before and after for anti-wrinkle injections showing a smoother and improved appearance for frown lines and wrinkles.

What Is the Cost of Wrinkle Reducing Injections?

The Chelsea Cosmetics cost of anti-wrinkle injections starts from $17 per unit, however a free consultation will be required to determine how much is needed to suit your situation and goals.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are most common around the mouth, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, and neck with only a small volume required which creates minimal discomfort. The amounts required and effects will be dependent on the size of the dose which will also determine the cost.

Results last for roughly four months, and longer if the procedure is regularly administered. You can cease treatment at any point which means the affected muscles will return to normal. It is also important to note that pricing for anti-wrinkle injections will vary from clinic to clinic.

This is dependent on who is administering the injections, be it registered nurses, doctors. The type of anti-wrinkle injection type will also vary the associated costs.

anti-wrinkle injections melbourne

The extremely safe anti-wrinkle injection process has been used for a long time with no reports of negative long-term side effects.

What Should I Do Next If Interested in The Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

If you think you may benefit from the anti-wrinkle injection procedure, the next step is to contact Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is here to discuss all of your options prior to making any decisions so you will have complete peace of mind for whichever cosmetic procedure is right for you. Speak to us today about your situation and goals by calling (03) 8822 3472, and start down the path to a refreshed and youthful look that you will absolutely love.


Disclaimer: Before deciding on cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. Talk to your cosmetic doctor about what to expect from the treatment and make sure you understand your recovery time and the likely results.