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It is difficult to specify exactly how many Australians suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). It is generally thought however that around 9% of women and 25% of men in Australia have clinically significant OSA and that 4% of men and women have symptomatic OSA. The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea in Australia is probably increasing due to the ‘obesity epidemic’ in this area. Despite this, a large proportion of Australians with OSA remain undiagnosed and untreated.

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Narrow airway

The mechanism which causes snoring is based on the physical forms of your airways. When you sleep, the muscles of your throat relax, and your throat becomes narrower and floppy.

This process is normal even for a healthy person. However, if the airway narrows too much, airflow becomes turbulent. This airflow current makes the walls of the throat begin to vibrate when you breathe in or when you breathe out.

Overweight and Obesity, Hypotonia, Abnormal anatomy of the airway
Alcohol and medicines

Fotona’s NightLase®* therapy is a patient-friendly non-surgical laser treatment procedure for snoring in Melbourne for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase can reduce the effects and decrease the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle laser treatment of the mucosa tissue.

Does Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnoea?

Snoring is a lot more than just annoying for your partner, it also means poor sleep quality and quantity for you. It is important to note that snoring does not explicitly mean that you have a sleep disorder like Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

Sleep apnoea causes your breathing to be obstructed, causing you to wake up. Regular snoring, on the other hand, doesn’t typically wake you up. To tell the difference between standard snoring and OSA, look for these symptoms:;

  • Waking up in the night gasping for air
  • Continual sleepiness during the day
  • Snoozing with your mouth open

These are signs of potential sleep apnoea.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment Melbourne

The mechanism which causes snoring is based on the physical form of your airways. When you sleep, the muscles of your throat relax, and your throat becomes narrower and floppy.

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Your type of snoring is another indicator. Those with sleep apnoea snore regularly and loudly along with gasping for air in their sleep momentarily refraining from breathing.

Other Causes of Snoring:

  • Reaching middle age which narrows your throat and muscle tone decreases
  • Men are more likely to snore due to narrower air passages
  • Physical characteristics including a cleft palate, and enlarged adenoids
  • Sinus and nasal congestion
  • Being overweight which leads to poor muscle tone
  • Smoking, alcohol, and medications
  • Sleeping position as sleeping on your back can cause the flesh in your throat to relax and block the airway.

For An Efficient Snoring Treatment, Melbourne Turns To Chelsea Cosmetics

The team from Chelsea Cosmetics constantly endeavors to make our clients happy by doing our very best to achieve their desired outcome. In the case of obstructed sleep patterns, you may experience a negative impact on your day-to-day quality of life, and we aim to rectify this. From the initial consultation to procedure, recovery and post procedure, our team is on hand to take the ultimate care of our clients.

Our highly qualified cosmetic surgeons aim to provide the best quality of services available via our accredited clinic which features up to date products and procedures. The team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne work with our patients to understand their aesthetic goals then apply our knowledge and expertise to help them achieve the desired outcome.

Our goal is to help you obtain a realistic and achievable outcome while offering a careful and honest aesthetic assessment, making sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible. Speak to us today for a consultation to see how we can best help you.